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Eugene Legal, LLC

Eugene Legal, LLC provides convenient, affordable legal services to people in the Eugene/Springfield area. We are committed to the highest levels of integrity and excellence.

Firm Overview

We aggressively pursue our clients' claims, which results in a better outcome in settlement or trial. Our founding attorney, James Baldock, holds the highest ranking in Lane County for Landlord-Tenant (Avvo) and Debt Collection Law (Avvo). He is also highly ranked in Child Support Law (Avvo). We believe in affordable access to legal services for all. We therefore offer flexible payment options and appointment times for our valued clients.

We are open 9am-5pm Mon.-Fri. and evenings/weekends by appointment.

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Eugene Legal provides legal assistance in the following areas:

Family Law - Pre-nuptual Agreements, Dissolution, Divorce, Custody, Child Support and Restraining Orders

Housing Law - Evictions, Security Deposits, Foreclosures, Repairs, Discrimination and Service Animals

Employment Law - Wrongful Terminations, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

Estate Planning - Wills, Guardianship & Conservatorship, Advance Directives, Medicaid

Business Law - Contracts, Business Formation, Warranties, Commercial Leases, Essential Corporate Filings, Garnishments

Bankruptcy Law - Chapter 7 Liquidation, Chapter 13 Repayment Plans, Garnishments, Liens, Foreclosures

Avvo is an expert-only website that uses an unbiased mathematical model to evaluate lawyers based on the information in their profile, their number of years in practice, professional achievements and industrial recognition.

Our founding attorney, James Baldock, holds the highest ranking available for lawyers on Avvo.

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Main Office
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Family Law is one of the most complex and most often contested areas of law. Few things have greater impact on your quality of life than your domestic arrangements.

Let us improve yours. Our family law areas of expertise include:
-Pre-nuptual agreements
-Child Support
-Restraining Orders

Founding attorney James Baldock is highly ranked in Lane County for Child Support Law (Avvo).

Pre-Nuptual Agreements
Do you have assets to protect? Many marriages end in divorce. A simple pre-nuptual agreement can eliminate much of the hassle, heartbreak and expense of a divorce by eliminating lengthy legal disputes over assets. Contact a lawyer for more information.

If you are going through a divorce, you only get one chance to prove your case and attain the best possible outcome for you. Most divorce asset determinations are final. This single judgement could cost you or grant you tens of thousands of dollars in alimony payments. It is essential to get an attorney to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your particular case and maximize your outcome, which may involve settlement negotiations or trial.

Child Custody
The standards that determine child custody arrangements are complex and subject to interpretation. Individuals pursuing child custody often misunderstand what is and is not important in obtaining child custody. If your custody hearing goes poorly, it can require considerable time and expense to reverse the decision. It is therefore essential to get a lawyer to help you attain the best outcome for you and your child the first time.

Child Support
The negotation of child support payments is a highly technical area of law that can affect your finances for decades to come. If you are the parent with custody, it is essential to maximize your spouse's payments to provide the best possible care for your child. If you are responsible for making child support payments, you need to make sure that your payment requirements are realistic and fair. If you cannot make your payments, you could lose your driver's license or even be thrown in jail. This could prevent you from attaining child custody in future. A significant change in your circumstances (ie employment situation) may allow you to renegotiate the amount of your child support payments.

Restraining Orders
Restraining orders are another complex area of law. It is not always clear what constitutes abuse under current laws. Restraining order hearings are typically short, which means that the way you present the facts during them can determine whether a restraining order is placed or not. This judgement can have huge impacts on the outcome of your child custody arrangements.

James Baldock

Eugene Legal, LLC

James was born in Mississauga, Ontario. In middle school, he moved to Coppell, Texas, where he completed high school. He returned to Canada to complete his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario in 2006. It was there that he met his wife, Brandi Baldock. They met playing hockey together on a co-ed intramural team.

James went to law school at the University of Oregon, earning his Juris Doctorate in 2009. At UO, he gained a lot of practical experience from his externship with Judge Carp at the Lane County Circuit Court, and internships at the Domestic Violence and Legal Aid Clinics. It was during this time that he witnessed first hand how crucial it is for clients to have competent representation in court. Many times, he witnessed cases being lost by people who opted to represent themselves. He played a critical role in helping women get badly needed restraining orders. He perfected his legal writing and research skills performing academic research for Professor Merle Weiner.

From 2009-2012, James worked as a staff attorney for Legal Aid Services of Oregon in Albany, Oregon. He appeared in court for countless restraining order cases, custody hearings, guardianship cases, and landlord tenant proceedings. He also represented clients in several divorce cases. He thereby became a skillful and experienced lawyer. During this time, he also acted as Vice President for the Linn-Benton Bar Association. He was responsible for maintaining their website and planning social and networking activities.

In March 2011, James and Brandi were married in Eugene, Oregon at the Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson House. James and Brandi continue to enjoy playing hockey together at the Lane County Ice Centre in Eugene.

James was the lead attorney for the new Eugene/Springfield branch of Modern Law. During his employment, he was the only attorney at the firm who practiced Oregon law. He therefore acted as his own mentor and supervisor. This experience allowed him to get to know local lawyers and judges, which can be very helpful when it is time to settle or bring a case to trial.

Having developed ample experience representing clients, James founded Eugene Legal so that he could respond to their needs in ways that only a local law firm can. He is an active community volunteer and leader, as President Elect of Eugene's City Club. He specializes in Family Law, Housing Law and Business Law.


Bar Number: 092746
Oregon, 2009

Clayton Stephens

Eugene Legal, LLC

Clayton was born in Philomath, Oregon, and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. He attended college at Oregon State University, graduating in 2007 with a B.S. in Business with an MIS concentration and a minor in economics.

Clayton attended the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida. During the summer, he volunteered at the Benton County District Attorney's office. This gave him the opportunity to perform extensive trial preparation and perfect his legal research and writing skills. He graduated with a Certificate in Sports Law in 2010 and was quickly admitted to the Oregon Bar.

In 2010, Clayton began clerking for the Honorable David B. Connell at the Benton County Circuit Court, while also working at Legal Aid Services of Oregon (Albany). At the Legal Aid office, he worked on a variety of housing law and family law matters, gaining experience with both trial and negotiation.

In 2012, he entered private practice at the Law Offices of Melinda M. Brown in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He continued practicing housing and family law, and began preparing wills, trusts, estates and contracts. He also handled several criminal law cases. He performed extensive legal research, conducted negotiations and made countless court appearances.

Eugene Legal now welcomes Clayton as a full staff attorney. He specializes in Family Law, Landlord-Tenant Law and Estate Planning. In addition to his position with Eugene Legal, he is an Adjunct Professor of Business Law at the Oregon Institute of Technology.


Bar Number: 105142
Oregon, 2010