Eric Holloway Law Office, LLC

Eric Holloway Law Office, LLC

Attorney Holloway helps Employees in transition. He can review or negotiate your severance agreement. He can challenge those who have discriminated against you at work. He can challenge those who unlawfully retaliated against you at work.

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The boss called you into the conference room. You entered it. You promptly saw both your boss and the rep from HR. Your boss says something about this being a difficult meeting. Your boss hands you a document. It's a severance agreement. This meeting started weeks ago. You just found out about it, though. Before that meeting, your boss spoke to HR and probably Legal. All of them worked together to prepare for this meeting. Now, management wants you to act on your own, that day. They want you to sign your most important document at that moment. Most likely, your employer consulted with a lawyer. Then, your employer met with you. You should consult with a lawyer, too. The Eric Holloway Law Group, LLC and Attorney Holloway help Employees in transition. Attorney Holloway can help you review and understand your Employer's severance terms. He can negotiate to improve those terms. For example, do you want to control what your Employer says about you when your new Employer calls for a review? Attorney Holloway knows how to drive toward that goal. Attorney Holloway also helps employees in another way. At times, an employer discriminates against you. Or, the employer allows another employee to discriminate against you. Attorney Holloway can help you challenge that unlawful behavior. He can help you put your Employer on notice about that behavior to try to stop it. He can pursue settlement efforts with you. He can help you challenge that conduct before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He also can help you take your claims to either state or federal court. Every day, employees contribute to business successes. They help create positive business relationships. They contribute to the bottom line. At times, though, the relationship between Employee and Employer turns bad. When it does, get the help that Attorney Holloway offers.

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