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Darcia C. Tudor, JD, LMHC, CWM is the managing partner for Eastside Mediation & Arbitration with more than 30 years experience in Family Law, Divorce, Probate, Elder Law and Guardianship matters. Her legal, therapeutic, and conflict resolution training makes her an excellent Mediator and Arbitrator of disputes in the Eastbay community.

Mediation is a constructive, less expensive and more compassionate way to resolve disagreements, especially when children, family relationships, and/or aging parents are involved. She works with families in a collaborative way to facilitate constructive communication and fair solutions. As a Parent Coordinator and Arbitrator, she understands the value of scheduling sessions within a short time frame with all parties concerned.

In-person and online sessions are available in Kirkland, Bellevue and Seattle. Free 30 minute consultations, online mediation sessions, and Federal poverty guidelines sliding fee schedule is available upon request.
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Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation: A Balanced Approach to Resolving Differences
Divorce battles can have a devastating affect on the lives of the entire familythe separating parents, the children, not to mention a family's financial resources. If you are interested in an alternative process that reduces the needless expense of litigation and minimizes the emotional distress on your family, then you and your spouse should consider mediation.

Family mediation is a problem-solving process that gives couples intending to end a marriage the opportunity to reach a legal settlement. It also provides a means for adult siblings to mediate problems pertaining to the care of aging parents and settle estate differences in a way that preserves their relationships. By reducing the adversarial nature of the process, mediation facilitates communication and promotes understanding.

Helping Families Reach Agreement
As a mediator, my role is as impartial facilitator with the goal of helping all parties reach the fairest possible agreement. The strength of mediation is that the two parties come together in an open process to forge a mutually acceptable agreement. It requires each to recognize and accommodate each other's needsoften without having to compromise his or her own. I help families reach agreements and draft the documents, providing services in the following areas:

* Divorce
* Custody
* Co-parenting
* Pre Nuptial
* Child Support Matters
* Adolescent-Parent Disputes
* Probate & Estate Disputes

Elder Care Planning Advice & Mediation
Families with an elderly parent or relative are frequently torn as to how to best support and honor the person they love as he or she grows incapacitated. As a family therapist with legal knowledge, I can assist families in developing a practicable and workable plan for providing care for a loved one. The best plans do not put the burden on a single family member, but use family, community and government resources to assure consistent quality of care, while involving the elder or disabled family member in the process, when possible.
Collaborative Divorce
Consultation and Advice
Darcia consults with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues that involve legal and psychological components.

She frequently consults with parents of "at risk teenagers," couples with "special needs" children who have individual education plans in their schools, children of "aging parents" considering "guardianship" or less restrictive options, individuals considering divorce, in disputes over child support or parenting plans, and parents of adoptee's with severe behavioral problems.

When families are in crisis there is a need to look at both the psychological problem underlying the legal issue, or the legal dispute creating the emotional problem. Her dual background in law and psychology provides a unique opportunity to obtain advice from one professional, who understands the relationship between the two.

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"Darcia is a rockstar. She is a 5 star rockstar. I'm sure we were her roughest case ever. It took forever but, we nailed it down and got a parenting plan. As a professional negotiator I can tell you she knew her stuff and kept us on track." -- Chris R. (Seattle, WA)

"My child found her extremely helpful. She was engaging, friendly and direct with all of us and unless you are a bully you shouldn't find anything about her offensive." -- Sam S. (Olympia, WA)

"My family hired Darcia Tudor as an Parent Evaluator. The time she had to investigate was very short (less than 30 days). There was a lot of documentation provided to her that was very helpful. Ms Tudor was excellent at assessing the parties and asking hard questions of them to get to the truth. The outcome was not what was expected, but it was fair and supported by all involved. We as a family are very pleased with having such a skilled evaluator. She was the first professional of many that could see what was really going on in the family dynamic. Her recommendations addressed all of the issues in the best interest of the children, which was the goal. I would recommend Darcia Tudor to others." -- Joyce D. (Auburn, WA)

Darcia Tudor

A History of Helping Families Through Emotional & Legal Challenges
As one of a very few clinical therapists with a law degree in Bellevue and the greater Seattle Area, I am a unique resource for clients. Bringing both experience and compassion to my practice, I help children, couples and families heal and explore the possibilities of new beginnings, letting go and going beyond, and accepting what is in order to explore what can be.

Certified by the Academy of Family Mediation in 1995
Completed mediation training at the Dispute Resolution Center in King County, WA in 2000
Over 20 years of mediation practice
Licensed attorney
Certified child specialist
Significant experience with high-conflict families

Helping Couples Transition into New Lives Come From the Heart
If you could capture the essence of Darcia Tudor in just one word, that word would have to be "compassionate." Part therapist, part mediator, part mother hen, Darcia is sensitive to the needs of the people she helps and is truly protective of their well being.

Whether she's counseling a family going through a divorce, or mediating a situation with an at-risk child or even serving as a court appointed guardian to help an elderly client struggling with the loss of independence, she holds every one of her clients in her heart. That's not so surprising. Darcia understands that her clients are all experiencing heartache and loss in some form or another.

Even Winners Feel the Loss
Take divorce, for example, which she likens to going through open-heart surgery without the anesthetic.

As a trial attorney for 20 years, Darcia played hardball in the courtroom, getting the results her clients sought. What she observed in divorce cases time and again was that even when her clients won the fight, they didn't walk away happy. They were left feeling a tremendous sense of loss, because the underlying problems had never been resolved. She knew the real issues were seldom about the house, or the back payment or even something as trivial as a fight over a spatula. Those were just symbols for the control issues, financial issues and past relationship issues that were never resolved.

Making a Shift to Focus on Healing the Hurt
Darcia returned to school to get her Masters in Clinical Psychology. She wanted to be able to help families cope with the emotional side of the issues they were facing and help them to communicate better with each other. Instead of simply trading in one professional hat for another, she decided to wear both, seamlessly blending two areas of professional expertise to create one unique service. Today Darcia is one of the few practicing therapists with a law degree in the Seattle area. She focuses her practice on helping families cope with conflict, crisis and change throughout all stages of lifefrom children and adolescents to divorcing and blending families to elderly parents.On the legal side, Darcia shifted her focus from trial work to mediation, allowing her to create a practical course of action for clients that would hold up in court. Her legal experience greatly benefits her clients, as she can anticipate the different transitional stages a family will experience as the children develop, and they plan for these changes without having to go back to court to address future issues.

Values Drive Her Life
It is impossible to sum up Darcia in one word. Laughter, love and generosity come naturally to this former dancer, wife, mother of four and soccer coach. She credits many life experiencesespecially her long-term marriage, raising an at-risk child and caring for an elderly parentas shaping this newest stage of her career as much as her professional interests have.This vibrant and multi-faceted woman includes among her heroes both Whoopi Goldberg and Mother Theresa. Darcia has a deep, strong belief in what she's trying to accomplish. Every day she lives her values and her sense of family is as equally important as her drive to bring justice to the people she serves. Deeply passionate about the work she does, she sums it up simply: "I can't imagine anything I'd rather be doing in my life than what I'm doing right now."

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