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Seasoned attorney providing effective legal services for more than 40 years
Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P. in Missoula, Montana represents clients throughout Montana in matters of bankruptcy, commercial litigation and creditors' rights in both state and federal courts. Harold V. Dye has more than 40 years of experience practicing law in Montana and has a track record of achieving positive results. I approach your legal matters with compassion, and I work to understand your legal and financial needs. Using my extensive knowledge, I assess your individual legal situation and devise innovative strategies to help you reach your goals through measures such as bankruptcy filings, asserting your rights as a creditor, enforcing contracts and complying with state and federal regulations. In matters of litigation, I work tenaciously to secure favorable outcomes for my clients. To schedule an appointment and find out how I can help you with your legal and financial problems, call today.

Skilled law firm dedicated to efficient legal representation
Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P. focuses on providing quality legal advice and solutions to clients in Montana. I approach your case with:
Depth of experience - Harold V. Dye has more than 40 years of experience in legal practice, providing a depth of knowledge and expertise that is put to use for every client. I work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation.
Up-to-date knowledge - To ensure the quality of my legal advice, I stay informed of commercial and legal trends and the effects they have on your legal situation. Law is an ever-changing entity, and I work diligently to ensure that my knowledge is up to date so as to best advise you in your legal needs.
Efficiency - I strive to help my clients in an efficient manner to ensure that you receive the legal help you need. My effective legal services help you secure positive results and move forward in your life or business.

Effective legal solutions to legal and financial issues
Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P. helps clients in the following practice areas:
Bankruptcy - In my bankruptcy practice, I help debtors determine if bankruptcy is the best solution to their financial problems. I guide you through the filing and the process to help you get your life back on track. I am certified in bankruptcy law by the American Board of Bankruptcy Certification.
Commercial litigation - In commercial litigation, I strive to provide effective, efficient representation in complex commercial matters that demand litigation, such as breaches of contract in both state and federal courts.
Creditors' rights - In my creditors' rights practice, I help creditors assert their rights toward debtors in various types of creditors' issues including foreclosure and collections.

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The law office of Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P. will represent your bankrupcty legal matters.

Helping you find debt relief
Filing for bankruptcy is an important decision that has significant implications for your life. But when mounting debt begins to feel unmanageable, bankruptcy can provide relief. At Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P. in Missoula, Montana, Harold V. Dye helps you decide whether filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way for you to take control of your debt.

Negotiators of debt relief options
Bankruptcy is not your only option. Harold V. Dye is an experienced negotiator who often works with creditors to develop out-of-court solutions that avoid bankruptcy. Frequently, I can negotiate a smaller debt amount that is payable in more manageable monthly installments.

Experts in debt analysis
For more than 40 years, I have been assisting people with overwhelming debts. I am certified in bankruptcy law by the American Board of Bankruptcy Certification. I analyze your case to determine if bankruptcy will advance your immediate and long-term financial goals. I review your debts, income, and expenses, and I explain the full effects of bankruptcy on your family, business, homeownership and access to credit. If bankruptcy is the right choice, I provide detailed information about the bankruptcy process and a complete picture of the outcome that you should expect. My upfront approach to bankruptcy gives you confidence in your financial future.

Reprieve through automatic stay
Filing a bankruptcy petition automatically triggers a stay, meaning that creditors must immediately stop collections letters and phone calls. I correspond with your creditors from the moment you file for bankruptcy, and I act entirely on your behalf.

Your bankruptcy options include:
Chapter 7 bankruptcy - For individuals and their spouses who own fewer assets and earn smaller incomes, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through liquidation of your assets.
Chapter 11 bankruptcy - For corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships, Chapter 11 bankruptcy permits your business to continue operating while you pay creditors under a reorganization plan.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy - An option for families facing foreclosure or whose incomes are higher, Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you to pay off debts under a court-ordered installment plan extending three to five years. This option provides numerous advantages, including the possibility of keeping your home.

Harold V. Dye

Dye & Moe, P.L.L.P.

Practice Areas:
Bankruptcy; Commercial Litigation; Creditors Rights

1971, Montana, U.S. District Court, District of Montana, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, U.S. Court of Federal Claims and U.S. Supreme Court

Law School:
University of Montana, J.D.

Western Montana and American Bar Associations; State Bar of Montana; American Bankruptcy Institute
Place of birth: Cut Bank, Montana


University of Montana
Juris Doctorate,