Diverse Legal Solutions, a law firm, P.A.

Diverse Legal Solutions, a law firm, P.A.

A boutique law firm representing consumers throughout the state of Florida in cases of residential and commercial property damage insurance, personal injury, and other areas of practice.

Firm Overview

Our law firm was build on the core principle client satisfaction as the top priority. We understand that communication, aggressiveness, and results are what matter above all. That is why we've maintained our law firm's small size and case load. We are selective in client representation to ensure that we provide full and fair attention to each case. As a result, we are able to obtain the best possible resolutions for our clients on each case. This has helped our firm become one of the leaders in its fields.

As a client of Diverse Legal Solutions, you are guaranteed constant direct communication with your attorney, who will explain every step of your case with you along the way towards its conclusion. You will not be left in the dark about what is happening in your case or be forced to speak with someone who is not knowledgeable about your case. We believe that is our highest ethical and professional obligation to you as our clients.

Our attorneys are court room tested and jury trial experienced. We've gone through the rigours of insurance company litigation for many years. This will make it easy for you to go through this process seamlessly and stress-free.

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Main Office

Diverse Legal Solutions
3350 SW 148th Avenue.
Suite 100
Miramar, FL 33027


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Free Initial Consultation?


Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

All personal injury and residential/commercial representation are provided free of any fees or costs. Our fees and costs in those scenarios are either paid by your insurance, a liable party's insurance, or out of the recovery of your claim.

Hourly Rates

N/A except in special circumstances.

Office Information

Office Hours

Call us anytime; if after regular business hours, e-mail us at ejimenez@diverselegalsolutions.com.

Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Not only are we willing to review those documents, we emphasize client document review as a key aspect of our case planing and management strategies. We want to see everything you have that may help us best represent you.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Client contact. Client contact. Client contact. We pride ourselves on 24/7 availability to our clients - which means direct lines of communication with your attorney, not an assistant. We are a small-scale law firm, which is a purposeful decision that allows us to have close contact and relationships with our clients. That creates a benefit that runs beyond simply keeping you happy. It also means you will provide us with more information that we will utilize to best represent you and ultimately reach the best possible resolution on your case.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

Due to our small caseload, we are able to aggressively push claims and litigate our cases. As a plaintiff's firm (meaning we represent clients who are suing others, not being sued themselves) it is critical to the outcome of a case to be constantly pushing the case forward, not only with time in mind, but also with critically thought out and employed strategies (motions, trials, depositions, etc.) that will force the defendant to take your case seriously.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

This is strongly recommended against. The lawyers of our law firm have all too often seen the unfortunate persons in court who try to represent themselves. The practice of law is not easy. Although basic legal principles can be learned, tying together the entire web of issues and laws that may affect your claim or case is something that only years of experience can successfully navigate. Don't jeopardize your claims! Seek professional help. You would not operate on yourself if you needed surgery - don't go through legal problems without a lawyer.

Edward G. Jimenez

Diverse Legal Solutions, a law firm, P.A.

Edward G. Jimenez

Diverse Legal Solutions, a law firm, P.A.

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