DebtStoppers, Bankruptcy Law Firm Robert J. Semrad & Assoc., LLC

DebtStoppers, Bankruptcy Law Firm Robert J. Semrad & Assoc., LLC

The bankruptcy lawyers at DebtStoppers in Chicago can help you move from financial distress to the peace of mind you deserve.

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Our Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Stop the Madness Safe, sane and responsible steps towards debt relief If you've lost your job, are unable to work, suffered a business setback or simply don't have the money to pay your bills, don't hesitate to ask for help. The sooner you act, the sooner you can start to breathe freely again. Stop Foreclosure. Save Your Home. Filing for bankruptcy can prevent mortgage lenders from pursuing foreclosure on your home. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt can be reorganized into a manageable repayment plan, which can lower your monthly mortgage payment and allow you to keep your home. Stop Chicago Tickets. Eliminate All Penalties & Fees. Get Your License Back. The state will suspend your driver's license for unpaid Chicago parking tickets. A DebtStoppers bankruptcy plan can wipe out all parking ticket debt and get your license re-instated immediately. Stop Repossession. Get Your Car or Truck Back. Lower Your Payment. Filing for bankruptcy gives you automatic stay protection, which prevents repossession agents from taking your vehicle. If you act quickly, bankruptcy can even get your repossessed car or truck back and at a lower monthly payment. Stop Wage Garnishment. Garnishment is a court order that forces your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck up to 25% of your after-tax pay, and deliver that money to a creditor. You lose the ability to decide how to spend your pay, and your employer learns way too much about your financial hardship. Bankruptcy takes that garnishment off your check, saving you from the inconvenience and embarrassment. Stop Credit Card Debt. Repair Your Credit. As your debt-to-income ratio increases, your credit score decreases. In response, lenders react with increased interest rates and tightening your credit. Filing for bankruptcy can actually reverse this trend, as you begin to take the necessary steps to repair your credit. Stop Creditor Harassment. By filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the bankruptcy court provides you automatic stay protection. After this action is taken, creditors can't contact you directly and can only attempt to collect on your debts through the bankruptcy court. The automatic stay effectively stops harassing phone calls and other collection tactics. If creditors ignore this court order, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit against them for damages! Keep Your Possessions. Many people think that filing for bankruptcy forces you to sell everything you own. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bankruptcy helps you retain important items including your house, your vehicle, your retirement plan even your cash. Learn the Truth about Loan Modification. Loan modification promises relief but rarely provides it. Why? Mortgage payments rarely are the reason homeowners can't stay current. Other household debts, particularly credit card debt, is to blame for most foreclosures. When other obligations complicate your issues with debt, lenders rarely offer modifications. Homeowners who take the modification are still often unable to continue making regular payments. A DebtStoppers Chapter 13 allows you to prioritize your mortgage and can help with discharging additional debt.

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More than at any other time in our history, Americans are finding themselves overwhelmed by debt: -Mortgage debt -Credit card debt -Medical debt -Debt from job loss or underemployment And the stress we feel from carrying this weight is damaging our families, our quality of life, even our health. Too many of us feel powerless to fix our debt problems. The good news? We're not powerless at all! Filing for bankruptcy in Chicago may be the answer for you. A DebtStoppers Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan can end that stress and put you on the path to financial independence. As thousands of DebtStoppers clients already know there's no feeling in the world as empowering as the feeling of getting out of debt. A DebtStoppers bankruptcy plan can help you get your life back. About bankruptcy: When you file for bankruptcy in Illinois, you're making the decision to take back control of your finances AND your future. Not sure if your case fits the bill? Schedule an appointment with DebtStoppers for a free debt analysis of your case. Our attorneys sit down with you one-on-one to walk you through your options. Bankruptcy is helping millions of Americans: More Americans are getting debt relief under the bankruptcy laws every day. You probably have friends, relatives and co-workers among them. The DebtStoppers bankruptcy law firm has helped thousands of people save their homes, eliminate debt and get a fresh start a second chance to realize your financial dreams. Is bankruptcy the right tool for me? Are you behind with your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure? Paying the minimum on your credit cards? Getting hassled by bill collectors? Is your debt situation always on your mind? Are you having trouble sleeping? Is it realistic to expect that you'll ever be able to get out of debt without help? Be honest now. Do these sound like the problems you face? If so, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the one legal tool that was created to solve your problem personal bankruptcy. Denying debt trouble and putting off action only make things worse and cause you more pain. A DebtStoppers Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be your key to a brighter future. But you can only find out for sure if a bankruptcy plan is the right plan for you by meeting with a professional. That's why DebtStoppers offers our free debt analysis a personal, one-on-one meeting with a DebtStoppers bankruptcy attorney. Will filing for bankruptcy wreck my credit? A better question might be, "How's my credit now?" If you're struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, using credit cards to fill in the gaps and "robbing Peter to pay Paul," you probably don't have any credit left to wreck! The truth is, because filing for bankruptcy eliminates your debts, your credit actually improves after bankruptcy. And while it's also true that a bankruptcy stays in your credit file for 10 years, a bankruptcy will not prevent you from getting credit. In fact, most DebtStoppers clients receive offers for credit cards, car loans and mortgages almost immediately after their bankruptcy discharge. Will I lose everything I own if I file for bankruptcy? No! In fact, most DebtStoppers clients don't lose anything when they file for bankruptcy. Each state has a list of bankruptcy exemptions, items of value not considered part of the bankruptcy proceedings. In other words items you get to keep. There are exemptions for real estate, vehicles, retirement plans, tools of the trade, personal possessions and many other things. What about debt consolidation, settlement or counseling? Shouldn't I try those before filing for bankruptcy? Many of our clients have paid a high price to discover a basic truth about all the other popular debt relief solutions they just don't work. And in the case of debt settlement companies, their own industry data shows that debt settlement companies fail to settle 80 percent of the debts they take on. What separates bankruptcy from the other debt relief options? Bankruptcy works! Will my creditors really stop calling me? You bet they will or else! As soon as DebtStoppers files your bankruptcy case, the court issues what's known as an automatic stay a court order that stops all collection action against you. Foreclosure, repossession and lawsuits must immediately stop. In fact, your creditors are no longer even allowed to contact you directly. They can only go through your DebtStoppers attorney. Any violation of the automatic stay is taken very seriously by the court and is punishable with substantial fines and damages.

Robert J. Semrad

DebtStoppers, Bankruptcy Law Firm Robert J. Semrad & Assoc., LLC

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Rob Semrad is a life-long Chicago resident and second-generation Chicago attorney. He graduated from DePaul Law in 1994 like many new law school grads, undecided about what area of law he wanted to practice. But for Rob, his very first job out of school working in a personal bankruptcy practice made that decision for him. Rob learned quickly that bankruptcy law gave him everything he wanted in a law career the opportunity to do the most good for the greatest number of people.

Rob worked for that original firm for seven years, before purchasing it in 2003. Re-christened "Robert J. Semrad & Associates" and with the trade name "DebtStoppers," Rob's firm went on to help thousands of families restructure and eliminate debt, save their homes, and start fresh through bankruptcy debt relief.

Rob's continuing commitment to his community and its financial education has never been more important to him than it is now in the wake of the mortgage crisis caused by the lending practices of the mortgage industry, practices that have caused the greatest damage in minority communities. After nearly 18 years of practicing bankruptcy law, Rob still gets the greatest satisfaction from standing up for the individual against the power and the abusive practices of the credit industry.

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