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DeBlis Law is a New Jersey boutique litigation firm specializing in tax controversies. We have a single mission: to provide outstanding legal services to individuals involved in crisis situations.

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Our firm specializes in all aspects of criminal defense, including white-collar criminal defense and criminal tax defense. From a simple misdemeanor to a complex, document intensive case, we have the training, skill, and experience to protect your rights and interests through a difficult time. We also offer an active practice in civil tax controversies and trials. Our firm is dedicated to providing the finest legal services in all phases of litigation, from pre-trial investigation and discovery, through negotiation and resolution, to trials and appeals.

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DeBlis Law is a boutique litigation firm with a single mission: to provide outstanding legal services to individuals involved in crisis situations. Our firm specializes in all aspects of criminal defense, including white-collar criminal defense.

DeBlis & DeBlis handles tax controversies with skill, knowledge, and finesse, preventing civil tax controversies from becoming criminal matters. Our firm has the talent and resources to respond to any challenge by the IRS. Our objective in tax matters is to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and successfully. We make every attempt to resolve tax controversies prior to litigation. However, we are ready to litigate when an acceptable settlement is not forthcoming from the IRS. The counsel you select for litigation needs to be imaginative and creative someone who thinks outside of the box. He must understand your case as a convincing narrative, not just as a set of facts, numbers, and legal rules. He must also be thorough, confident, and assertive. He must prepare your case with a critical mastery of all the facts and details that can help you win. That is the type of specialized representation that you can expect from DeBlis and DeBlis. DeBlis and DeBlis offers vigorous and meticulous criminal tax defense. Our tax experience serves us well in representing clients faced with criminal tax investigations conducted by the IRS, the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, or local United States Attorneys' offices Most criminal tax cases are highly defensible. However, many criminal tax cases are handled by lawyers with no special background or training in tax. With tax being such a specialized area of the law, this has the potential to be disastrous. If you are under criminal investigation or are being charged with a tax crime, you need a defense lawyer who understands the intricacies of the tax law and who is willing to take your case all the way to a jury. Michael DeBlis is that attorney. Michael's unique background in tax law puts him into an elite category of criminal defense attorneys who specialize in criminal tax defense. With an LL.M. in Tax, Michael has a solid grounding in all of the major areas of federal taxation. He understands the tax code in its most minute detail along with the theoretical and policy issues upon which it is based. That gives Michael a distinct advantage in defending criminal tax cases. Why is it so important for your defense attorney to understand the intricacies of the tax law? Proving that a taxpayer made errors is easy, but proving that those errors were intentional is the most difficult part of the government's case. A vigorous defense to a criminal tax charge must be grounded in the tax law and must show a jury that the errors were not intentional. With Michael on your side, you can feel confident that you are being represented by a seasoned trial lawyer with the skills and courage to stand up to the government and attack their case.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

DeBlis Law is able to provide the legal expertise and services of a big law firm in a comfortable small firm atmosphere with lots of personal attention. Our personalized attention to each client is unparalleled.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

(1) Commitment DeBlis Law is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and personal service. Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for each client. We will be your partner in the defense. We will keep you fully informed about your case and our strategy. We will answer your questions and be available to you. This is the commitment and dedication we offer. (2) Preparation The government has a vast amount of resources at their disposal when they choose to bring criminal charges against a person from lawyers and law enforcement officers to crime laboratories and sophisticated technology. To obtain the best result, the defense must fight the government fact by fact. This requires thorough and relentless preparation. Preparation defines DeBlis Law. Our preparation begins in our first meeting. It continues as we tirelessly investigate the case and the witnesses, shape the case through an aggressive motions practice, and present a well-planned defense at trial. Our preparation allows the whole truth to emerge, giving you the best opportunity for success.

Michael DeBlis III

DeBlis Law

Michael is a passionate trial lawyer. He puts his heart and soul into fighting for his clients. Michael is a living example of the tremendous power that comes from combining passion, preparation, persuasion, and positive communication in the courtroom.

As a former public defender, Michael has defended the poor, the forgotten, and the damned against a government that has seemingly unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute criminal allegations. He has spent the last six years cutting his teeth on some of the most serious felony cases, obtaining results that have proven favorable for his clients. He knows what it's like to go toe to toe with the government. In an adversarial environment that is akin to trench warfare, Michael has developed a reputation as a fearless litigator.

Michael graduated cum laude from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He then earned his LL.M. in International Tax and Financial Services at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, graduating summa cum laude. Michael's unique background in tax law puts him into an elite category of criminal defense attorneys who specialize in criminal tax defense. His extensive trial experience and solid grounding in all major areas of federal taxation make him uniquely qualified to handle any white-collar case, no matter how sophisticated it might be.

Michael is known for his creativity, his charismatic personality, and his unyielding dedication to his clients. As a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College, Michael has trained under some of the best known criminal defense attorneys in the country. That experience has taught him that justice for a person accused of a crime is only won through a full understanding of the client and the case. To that end, Michael attempts to understand each client's case as a convincing narrative, not just as a set of innocuous facts and arcane legal rules.

Michael is committed to understanding the needs of each client and tailoring a litigation plan to meet those needs. His courage and relentless work ethic have earned him a reputation as a zealous advocate and one of New Jersey's rising stars of the legal profession.


Thomas M. Cooley Law School
J.D., 2007

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
LL.M. (International Tax & Financial Services), 2011

Michael DeBlis Jr.

DeBlis Law

Michael J. DeBlis, Jr., has been in private practice since 1984. He is an extremely seasoned criminal and civil attorney who has broad experience in all insurance matters, real estate, DWI, and matrimonial matters. In addition, he is a civil negligence/auto arbitrator in Essex and Hudson counties, a R. 1:40 mediator (including foreclosure), and an economic mediator in family law cases. He is also a civil arbitrator for the Federal District of N.J.


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