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A champion for the rights of those who have been injured. My objective is to secure the highest award for my clients and to influence change that helps prevent future injuries to others.


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If you are searching for a personal injury attorney who is concerned about your needs, look no further than David Kremin. David is a champion for the rights of those who have been injured, so much so that he has personally lobbied for changes in the law to make Illinois safer for all of us. David's practice includes the entire spectrum of personal injury, so no matter what your injury, you can feel confident that David has the knowledge and expertise to get you the compensation you deserve. Below, in his own words, is a testimonial about what inspired him to pursue his calling:

There's a hidden part of me that wears a white hat and rushes in to right the wrongs done to other people. I can trace that back to the famous Corvair car case in the 1960's and Ralph Nader's book "Unsafe at Any Speed". It detailed the reluctance of a corporation to spend money on safety improvements even when it was a matter of life or death. To me, that was morally irresponsible and I set out years ago as a passionately involved Personal Injury Attorney to change these injustices. First, I wanted to help the victims of unnecessary accidents get the largest financial awards possible. Next, I hoped that the prospect of litigation and large awards would spur corporations to act responsibly where safety was concerned. But if they wouldn't do it voluntarily, then in my mind there was only one thing left to do- change the law itself.

That is exactly what happened in a 911 dispatcher case in which a 9 year old boy died from an asthma attack when paramedics refused to enter the complex in which he lived. My firm helped his mother, Sharon, receive a large sum of money. But more importantly, we forced legislation to be enacted which now requires dispatchers to be trained and certified before they're hired.

Making that kind of difference was very fulfilling and we're still charging at corporate windmills by winning big awards for our clients- over $100 million in claims- some of the biggest in Illinois history.

As a firm, we're equally proud that our services are affordable to everyone. There is no charge until we win the case. We offer free consultation and clients can count on my personal involvement in every case. When needed, I bring in top lawyers with at least 20 years of experience to make sure we have all the experts we need to win.

Helping others and causing needed change are the things that drive me. I intend to keep rushing in to the rescue for years to come.

David Kremin and his affiliated law firms are taking and winning cases other attorneys may have shied away from, including those against municipalities and major corporations. David K. Kremin & Associates, P.C., has earned the respect and admiration of clients and colleagues.

The noted awards and settlements were secured either by Kremin's firm or by law firms skillfully selected by his firm. Kremin associates with co-counsel and/or refers cases to other law firms or trial lawyers who have particular experience for a specific type of case and are top attorneys.

Illinois attorneys have consistently selected David Kremin as a leading personal injury lawyer with "super lawyer" distinction. Eligibility is based on a peer survey in which attorneys are asked to whom they would turn if in need of specific legal guidance. Only those who received multiple independent recommendations are given this opportunity for membership.

David K. Kremin is a certified member of the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the most prestigious group of lawyers in the United States. Membership is limited to the small percentage of attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts, awards, or settlements.


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Auto Accident
A traffic collision occurs when at least one vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian or other stationary object. Traffic collisions may result in injury, death, vehicle damage and property damage.
Traffic causes are due to many circumstances, including but not limited to roadway factors, vehicle factors, driver factors, or any combination of these factors that occur in the instance of a collision. The most common circumstance for a collision is the driver factor. Young male drivers are at high risk for accidents and drivers within their first year of driving are also accident-prone. Also, older drivers with slower reactions are more likely to be involved in a vehicle accident. Other driver causes of accidents are speed deprivation and drug use.

Distracting sounds such as the radio and utilizing mobile phones are known to be significant causes of accidents. As most people are aware, most jurisdictions restrict the use of actions on mobile phones, including talking and texting without a bluetooth. For more information visit our article on Distracted Driving and Technology.

Accidents may be more likely to occur in hazardous road conditions, for instance if there is bad traffic, a wet road, or construction.

Another cause of road accidents is poor road design, and improper vehicle design or maintenance.

Rear-End Vehicle Collisions

If someone hits you from behind it is assumed to be the fault of the rear driver, regardless of the reason you stopped. DMV information and vehicle code laws suggest safe following distances for cars on the road. Of course, fault is an element that needs to be proven in a case, even in a rear vehicle collision.

A driver involved in a rear-end accident can use the damage to the car as proof of how the accident occurred. If the one car's front end and your car's rear-end are both damaged, it may be properly assumed by the circumstantial evidence that a rear-end collision happened.

In some situations a rear-end crash will involve three or more cars, with the middle car or cars sustaining both front and rear end damage. In that case, the driver of the last car may be assumed to be at fault and under whose liability insurance you would file a claim. However, in many instances other drivers in the accident contributed to the eventual crash. This may reduce their compensation under the rule of "comparative negligence." A common example is when one driver failed to maintain their taillights, especially if the accident occurred at night. Another example is when a car had mechanical issues and the driver failed to take precautions to prevent other cars from a collision.

David Kremin

  • Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Kent College of Law, Chicago, Illinois
    Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)
  • University of Illinois College of Commerce, Urbana, Illinois. Commenced Master of Business Administration at Univ. of Illinois
    Bachelor of Science (BS)

David Kremin

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