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Auto Injury
Our team of personal injury and auto accident attorneys will fight for you. As a victim, you have rights, and we are here to protect those rights. We will match you with an experienced attorney who will help you get the award or settlement you deserve.
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Workers Compensation
Jim Glaser Law helps you receive the compensation you deserve. We proudly serve Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island
Employees injured on-the-job often rely on workers' compensation benefits to help them get through their recovery period. Workers' comp can help pay employees' medical bills, as well as a portion of lost wages, as well as a lump sum settlement for pain and suffering. Some workers may qualify for paid re-training, if a doctor determines they are unable to return to their job.

There are so many Work Related Injuries that you may not be aware of; STRESS INJURIES, WORK-RELATED ILLNESSES AND WORKPLACE FATALITIES.
Auto Accident
Far too many people know what it is like to to try to put your life back together post-accident. The reality is that accidents happen every day, leaving victims with devastating injuries. Some victims even suffer fatal injuries during a car accident.
Every driver knows what it is like to dread an auto accident. Despite the fact that technology and safety features have improved dramatically over the past several decades, the reality is that drivers across New England are still at high risk of being involved in a car accident. There are good reasons to be concerned about car accidents, because the scope of injuries typically associated with a crash is quite high.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The experienced team at Jim Glaser Law knows how difficult it can be when people are hurt at work, by individual or corporate negligence, or by a defective product or medication. We are dedicated to getting the best settlements for our clients, and it is all done with an understanding of, and compassion for, what clients have been through. Our staff will connect you with an experienced, knowledgeable injury lawyers based on the particulars of your unique case.

Jim Glaser

If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, in a car accident or in any other type of accident, Jim Glaser Law can help. Your case will not only be handled by attorneys with extensive experience in the field of personal injury and workers' compensation law, but with respect and compassion for each client. Our attorneys work with an unparalleled commitment to helping injured victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Work is done on a contingency basis, so clients do not pay unless there is a settlement. Jim Glaser Law has helped thousands of clients, and we want to do the same for you.