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Divorce is never easy. In fact, it can be one of life's most difficult challenges, testing the will and grace of even the most even-tempered individuals. When going through a divorce or when facing other family law matters, you need a trusted and capable attorney to guide you. If you are searching for a Fairfax, VA divorce attorney with the ability to fully represent your interests and protect your future, look no further than Curran Moher Weis.

Our practice areas center on the most pressing family-related legal issues you may face. We specialize in:

* Child Custody
* Child Support
* Child Support Modifications
* Child Visitation
* Collaborative Law
* Divorce Litigation
* Domestic Violence
* Family Law
* Fault-Based Divorce
* Grounds for Divorce
* High-Net Divorce
* International Family Law
* Mediation
* Military Divorce
* Pensions and Divorce
* Permanent Spousal Support
* Powers of Attorney
* Premarital Agreements
* Prenuptial Agreements
* Property Division
* Prenuptial Agreements
* Separation
* Spousal Support (alimony)
* Visitation

Our Northern VA-based family law and divorce lawyers combine more than 35 years of family law and trial experience, and have received honors from Super Lawyers, the AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell, and notoriety in publications including The Washingtonian magazine, Ten Leaders, Northern Virginia Magazine, and more.

We value and fully support the desire of many individuals to achieve a collaborative divorce or cooperative resolution to their family legal issues, without going to court. We have attorneys experienced in collaborative divorce as an alternative dispute resolution process.

At the same time, we recognize that in many cases collaboration is not an option. Thus, we set ourselves apart by offering a strong divorce litigation team, with significant experience.

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Collaborative Divorce

Fairfax Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

What is Collaborative Divorce?
If you and your spouse are interested in a peaceful, out-of-court resolution to your divorce, you may wish to pursue a collaborative divorce. Also referred to as 'peaceful divorce,' 'divorce with dignity,' or 'no-court divorce,' collaborative divorce combines the security and guidance of attorney representation with the flexibility of a mediated solution.

Collaborative divorce occurs when parties agree to resolve their divorce without going to court and hire attorneys who are collaboratively trained. Collaborative divorce can be done with attorneys alone or as a team-based approach involving attorneys, mental health professional coaches and child specialists, and financial experts. The process is intended to result in negotiation of creative solutions that allow for solid legal, financial, and emotional outcomes that both parties can live with. The collaborative process also supports cooperative co-parenting arrangements that many believe will reduce the impact of divorce on children and preserve relationships within the entire family.

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing couple has control of the decisions and agreements that impact their divorce; while trained professionals offer guidance on legal, parenting, and financial questions and the decision-making process.

The process can often be less costly than a traditional divorce involving litigation in court.

The Virginia Collaborative Divorce Process
The collaborative process typically involves the following sequence of events:

* The parties decide to make their divorce collaborative;
Each party must be represented by a lawyer whose representation terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding
* The parties sign a collaborative participation agreement describing the nature and scope of the matter
* The parties voluntarily disclose all information which is relevant and material to the matter that must be decided
* The parties agree to use good faith efforts in their negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement
* The parties may engage mental health and financial professionals whose engagement terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding
* The parties may jointly engage other experts as needed.

Results of a Collaborative Divorce
The contractual commitment that results from a successful collaborative divorce is characterized by the following:

* A mutually acceptable settlement outside of the courts
* Open communication, with shared information
* A shared solution that reflects the interests of all involved parties.

Note that clients may also turn to a collaborative process for prenuptial agreements, separation, temporary agreements, post-divorce issues, changing spousal support, child custody, or child visitation, issues involving unmarried partners, inheritance/probate cases, and even business disagreements.

Rely on an experienced collaborative divorce practitioner in Virginia
The collaborative divorce process in Virginia requires specially- trained attorneys and other professionals. At Curran Moher Weis, we have attorneys dedicated to the collaborative process.

Grant Moher, partner at Curran Moher Weis, is an experienced collaborative practitioner with training, certifications, and experience needed to support a successful outcome. He is also the Membership Chair of the Collaborative Professionals of Northern Virginia (CPNV).

Military Divorce

Military Divorce in Northern Virginia

There are numerous issues unique to a divorce when one or both spouses is a member of the armed forces. For members of the military and their spouses a divorce can be impacted by both state and federal laws. These laws pertain to any couple where one or both spouses is currently serving in or has retired from the military.

Why You Need a Military Divorce Lawyer
While every divorce in our state falls under Virginia law, there are benefits and circumstances that pertain exclusively to a military divorce. Factors such as an overseas deployment, child custody and visitation arrangements, benefits, and specific laws regarding families in the armed services make it imperative that anyone in a military family seeking a divorce consult with an experienced Virginia divorce attorney.

Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) are the two most important federal laws regarding military divorce. Each of these acts contains a number of nuances that require expert legal knowledge to navigate. With accomplished legal counsel a civilian or military spouse is best able to utilize the USFSPA and SCRA ensuring that all legal rights are met for both parties and their children.

Residential Requirements for a Military Divorce in Virginia
The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that couples seeking a divorce meet specific conditions regarding residency. For military families this can include where either the service member or civilian spouse resides, is stationed, or was last living in the United States (if living overseas).

Meet with an Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer in Northern Virginia
Military divorces are a challenging category of divorce. We understand this type of dissolution of marriage and the intricacies that accompany it.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

The biggest voice is our clients:

"I've been a lawyer for 20 years and I know from professional experience what makes a good lawyer and how badly things can go if you hire the wrong one. Divorce is a very hard experience and you will need the best support you can get, from family, friends and, most importantly to the outcome of the divorce, your divorce lawyer. Jerry Curran and his team are simply the best you can find. Jerry is extremely strategic, smart, diligent, and responsive. His reputation at the courthouse and with opposing counsel eliminate certain problems and obstacles that delay and confound less distinguished lawyers. He knows when to be aggressive and when to be conciliatory. He also has a highly effective team behind him: hard-working associates with great instincts about parts of the process and paralegals who really understand some of the most technical parts of court filings, such as how income and expenses are properly understood, demonstrated, and supported. My situation required a good amount of after-hours help: calls late at night and on weekends to report my ex-spouses latest craziness. Jerry was great. Always available, always giving calm, smart, strategic advice. This is the team you want in your corner. Hiring a good lawyer is not cheap, but as I've heard in my own legal practice, "If you think a good lawyer is expensive, try a bad one." An anecdote illustrates that I am not alone in this thinking. I spoke with a friend of a friend who had gone through a divorce. He asked me, "Who is your lawyer?" I said "Jerry Curran." He said "Oh, then you'll be fine." You see, this guy's ex-wife had used Jerry for their divorce and this man thought that Jerry ran circles around his own counsel."

"Jason is a life saver. The fact that he's licensed in DC, MD, and VA has helped a lot. He's honest and hardworking. I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

"Mr. Moher is a good listener and takes personal interest in client's well being!"

"Jason was personable, attentive, and empathetic to the challenges I faced. My divorce did not involve many assets, but dealt with the most important thing in my life my daughter. Jason's dedication ensured the settlement was in my best interest and supported our overall end states. He was always there to keep perspective and offer guidance focusing my decision-making. He never allowed opposing counsel to fabricate information to gain ground and was top notch in negotiations."

"Going through a tumultuous divorce is one of the worst experiences a person can go through. Mr. Weis fought for me and my rights and had such compassion throughout my entire case. The days I felt as though I had no strength left in me, he was there to get me back on track and stay focused on what was important. He is intelligent, honest and strives for nothing but excellence for his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Weis -- you will not be disappointed!"

"Jason is a top notch attorney who provided sound legal advice and excellent strategy in a very difficult and contentious case. He helped to keep the client calm during the tough parts of the process, yet always keeping the best interest of the client's needs."

"Lynette was an instrumental factor in the successful negotiation and settlement of my divorce. Lynette was dedicated, proactive, and result producing in her actions throughout my separation and divorce. Lynette was a critical factor in my own ability to understand, negotiate, and stand firm on settlement issues that ultimately produced a very positive outcome for my custody and property matters. I am extremely grateful for all Lynette has done and I highly recommend Lynette to those in need."

"Jason Weis is a phenomenal lawyer. He took on a case with many unusual facets that would make the average lawyer think twice about taking on. My case was very unusual, in that my spouse was located in the Netherlands, as well as our dependent child and personal property. Jason took this case on and succeeded in winning my divorce case with resounding results. I could not have been more fortune to have him represent me. He is dedicated, a tactician in the court room, and he cares you."

"Jason and the entire staff was a pleasure to work with. Jason handled this case and when necessary made helpful suggestions that enabled it to be settled in my favor without a long drawn out court battle, which I was expecting. I would not hesitate to use Jason again in the future if the need arises, nor would I hesitate to recommend him to others."

"Mr. Weis was an excellent attorney who provided outstanding service on a difficult and unusual case. He was very thorough in his research and fair in his time and fees. We would definitely recommend Mr. Weis and would engage his services again if needed."

Grant Moher

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

Moher's background is unique for a Virginia lawyer: For no reason other than "my mother liked the hospital across the border," Moher was born in Canada and as a result, has dual American-Canadian citizenship. He grew up in Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. For decades Moher's father built a successful small town general law practice, handling many personal-injury and Social Security disability cases. Moher remembers sitting in a Michigan Appeals Court as a young teen watching his dad in action, but his sights weren't set on the law until after college. Moher was recruited to play golf at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where, somewhat ironically, "I ended up playing hockey for four years instead. When you grow up in Northern Michigan, people expect you to play hockey." He majored in history, and went on to Marquette Law School. He worked summers at a tort litigation firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and upon graduation he worked for a year at an employment law firm based in Wisconsin. Personal events intervened, and he moved to join his then-wife, a corporate executive based in Northern Virginia. Moher joined the practice of the late Jeff Krause, giving Moher his first taste of family law. "I took to it right away, because I found it rewarding. It's not easy these days for a lawyer to have a direct, real-world impact on a client's life." He spent three years with the large Northern Virginia practice of Ilona Grenadier, and in 2005 was recruited by the firm founded by Robert Shoun. There he gained the confidence of his peers, including both Shoun and Curran, the firm's top litigator. "Grant's really there for his clients, and many lawyers aren't nowadays," says Curran.

In 2007 Moher's then wife took a job in Atlanta, and he moved again to care for their twin sons. "That's when I became a stay-at-home dad," he says, although he continued to work remotely for the Northern Virginia firm. A year later he was back in Fairfax, divorced and re-hired by Curran's firm. In early 2012, Curran and Moher launched their firm, which, with its substantial team, immediately became a force in Northern Virginia divorce law. In June of 2014, Jason Weis became a partner, and the firm is now known as Curran Moher Weis.

Today, remarried, Moher says his life is "only slightly" less complicated. He's played every role of the modern dad and husband - sole-breadwinner and stay-at-home spouse, among others. "I know the roles everyone plays today, because I've already played nearly all of them myself." Clients will find that the even-tempered Moher is an excellent negotiator, particularly in contentious custody matters, and a portion of his practice is dedicated to Collaborative Law. He still enjoys an occasional round of golf "in that rare free moment," and plays hockey nearly every week. His wife Morna is a PhD in Human Genetics. They live in Fairfax County.

Gerald Curran

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

Gerald Curran has practiced as a trial lawyer in Virginia since 1991, where he has focused his practice on domestic relations litigation, including equitable distribution of property, child and spousal support issues, custody and visitation, preparation of separation and property settlement agreements, and all other aspects of family law.

Mr. Curran received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California. A native of Philadelphia, Mr. Curran was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar and then the Virginia State Bar.

Mr. Curran has personally litigated several multi-million dollar cases involving complex issues such as the valuation and distribution of business interests, stock options, real estate, retirement, financial investments and trusts.

He has settled alimony and child support cases involving all income levels, successfully addressing such issues as the unemployment or underemployment of the payor or recipient and the unique financial aspects of children with special needs. He has handled numerous contested child custody and visitation cases and has expertise in such matters especially when they involve mental health issues, child custody evaluators, alleged abuse and parent relocation.

While settling cases through the negotiation process is his primary goal, Mr. Curran has developed his courtroom skills to an extent that ensures the firm's clients the highest level of representation in cases requiring trial presentation.

Mr. Curran is a member of the Virginia State Bar, the Fairfax Bar Association (Family Law Section) and the Pennsylvania Bar Association (inactive).

He receives AV Preeminent ratings from Martindale-Hubbell and has been listed in the treatise The Best Lawyers in America since 2007. Mr. Curran is recognized as one of Virginia's Super Lawyers and has been designated as one of the Ten Leaders in Northern Virginia Matrimonial and Divorce Law. He was included in The Washingtonian magazine as one of Northern Virginia's top family law practitioners and listed as a top divorce lawyer by Northern Virginia Magazine.

Jason Weis

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

As a native of Northern Virginia, Jason A. Weis has here focused his practice on providing sound and balanced representation to clients navigating the difficult waters of family law including highly contested divorce litigation, custody, support and property division. Having previously operated, purchased and sold various business entities, Mr. Weis brings a broad base of commercial and real estate-related experience to the divorce arena. His persuasive style has been well received in courtrooms throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, sustained and continually nuanced by a body of experience sufficient to deliver sophisticated results for his clients.

Mr. Weis received his undergraduate degree from Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden Sydney, Virginia, with honors in both Philosophy and Religion. He was inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha and Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Fraternities and served as an officer of the Union Philanthropic Literary and Debate Society. Mr. Weis completed his law degree at George Mason School of Law with a focus on litigation.

His professional experience includes practicing alongside the partners of several of Northern Virginia's most prestigious boutique firms and serving as a clerk for the judges of the United States Tax Court. His achievements have been recognized by his inclusion in Marquis, Cambridge and Strathmore's "Who's Who in American Law" in various years. His practice has also enjoyed steady growth through relationships developed during his involvement with the American, Virginia, Maryland and Fairfax Bar Associations; and Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Weis is admitted to the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia Bars.

Lynette Kleiza

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

Ms. Kleiza earned her Bachelor of Science degree from James Madison University before earning her Juris Doctorate from the University of Richmond, T.C. Williams School of Law. During law school, Lynette interned in the Juvenile Division of the Richmond Public Defender's Office in Richmond, Virginia where she assisted defense counsel in defending clients in criminal matters and practiced under the third year practice rule.

Lynette also interned in the Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court in Henrico, Virginia where she worked with the Chief Judge in all matters before the Juvenile Court. While in law school, Lynette worked in private firms as a summer associate with her work focusing in family law.

Also as a law student, Lynette was a Dean's Fellow, volunteered in a local elementary school classroom for children with learning disabilities and/or emotional disabilities, and initiated, organized, and conducted a "canned immunity" food drive raising over 100 pounds of food for the Central Virginia Food Bank in Richmond, Virginia.

Prior to joining Curran Moher Weis, Lynette worked as an attorney in a law firm in Vienna, Virginia and practiced in the family, military, criminal, and civil law arenas. Ms. Kleiza is licensed to practice law in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and New Jersey.

Ms. Kleiza is a member of the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar and is the Secretary of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Virginia.

Andrew Harman

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

Andy was born and raised in Woodstock, Virginia, and received his undergraduate degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. After graduation, Andy enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as an Infantryman at Marine Corps Base Quantico from 2001 until he was honorably discharged in 2005.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Andy completed his first year of law school at West Virginia University College of Law before finishing his final two years at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. While attending law school, Andy clerked for a Monongalia County (WV) Circuit Court judge and completed a summer externship with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in Pittsburgh.

Andy began his legal career with a prominent domestic relations firm in Fairfax County where he also practiced debt collection and criminal/traffic law. Next, he joined a small firm in Prince William County where he practiced in the same areas. Now, with Curran Moher Weis, Andy is focusing primarily on domestic relations and criminal/traffic law.

Andy is a certified Guardian ad litem, a member of the Virginia Bar Association, and Fairfax Bar Association.

Steven Goldman

<b>Curran Moher Weis</b>

In 2014, Mr. Goldman relocated his family law practice from the State of New York to the Washington metropolitan area. Now focusing his practice in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, Mr. Goldman is helping his clients navigate the difficult landscape of divorce by utilizing the same skill-set and experience developed working for a prestigious matrimonial boutique in Garden City, New York.

Through zealous advocacy, a well-balanced approach to negotiations, and a strong financial background, Mr. Goldman has had success litigating and settling highly contested divorces, custody matters, support matters, and other areas of family law practice. His success has earned him a positive reputation from his colleagues and peers in the matrimonial bar and, at the age of 30, he was recognized as one of the Ten Leaders of Matrimonial & Divorce Law in Long Island, New York under the age of 45.

Mr. Goldman received his undergraduate degree from Binghamton University, concentrating his studies in business management, before going on to receive his Juris Doctor from Albany Law School in New York. He is currently licensed to practice law in the State of Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the State of New York. Mr. Goldman is a member of the Family Law Sections of the Fairfax County and District of Columbia Bar Associations.

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