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UTAH INJURY LAWYER. Hi, my name is Matt Schmoldt and I'm a Utah licensed lawyer.

I've helped many people get high dollar settlements from their accidents.

I've also witnessed how devastating an accident can be for you and your family.

I am here to help you and fight for you.

I'll work to get you the highest insurance settlement possible.

Looking forward to helping you,
Matt Schmoldt
(385) 263-7772


We fight to maximize the amount of money that you receive from your injury.

You don't pay us any money up-front. We only get paid when you do.

Also, we take a lower percentage of the injury money than many other law firms so that YOU KEEP MORE OF THE MONEY. It's your injury, why should other lawyers take such a large percentage of the money?

We have settled many high dollar cases.

Creekside Injury Law has the following:

-Car Accident Lawyer
-Bicycle Accident Lawyer
-Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
-Slip and Fall Lawyer
-Dog Bite Lawyer
-Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
-Semi-truck Accident Lawyer
-Product Liability Lawyer
-Medical Malpractice Lawyer
-Wrongful Death Lawyer
-Brain Injury Lawyer
-Workers Compensation Lawyer
-Asbestos Cancer Lawyer

"I was in a bad car accident resulting in a broken foot and a few other minor injuries. Matt from the very beginning was extremely helpful in educating me on all of the lawyer terms and insurance talk, taking much needed stress from me, especially while healing.

Matt was always very patient, understanding and informative. Matt always kept me up-to-date and in the loop with every big or small step in this process. Matt did everything I asked and always made me feel a priority.

I appreciate all of the work Matt has done to help me this last year, not only with relieving stress due to medical bills, but for also helping me emotionally."
-Emily Anderson

Call (385) 263-7772 and discuss your case with me (no consultation fee)

Contact insurance companies and command them to stop contacting you
Analyze your accident report
Collect relevant photos
Collect witness statements (if needed)
Request medical records and bills from your healthcare providers
Verify the accuracy of your medical records and bills
Keep a running tally of your medical bills
Track liens on your future injury money
Negotiate reductions on the liens
Help you get proper medical care
Advise you on case strategy
Obtain official medical opinion letters (when needed)
Communicate with the insurance companies
Communicate often with you
Research comparable settlements and jury awards to use in negotiations
Craft a demand letter and negotiate with the insurance company to maximize injury money
Follow your wishes
If necessary, proceed with mediation and then a lawsuit
Provide you with a full accounting when your injury money arrives


No up-front fees
You don't pay if we don't win
Our fees are lower than other firms

Generally, injury lawyers don't like to talk about their fees.

They don't want you to pay attention.

But, the reality is that most injury attorneys take 1/3 (33.34%) of the injury money.

That's if they don't file a lawsuit.

If they do file a lawsuit, many injury attorneys take 40% of the injury money.

But, there's more bad news.

What do I mean?

Some attorneys don't fight to reduce liens placed against the injury money.

(Liens are legal claims from hospitals, medical providers, etc. for reimbursement.)

So, that means if the attorney doesn't fight to reduce the liens, you get less money in your pocket.

I've even seen injury attorneys charging clients for monthly attorney office fees. Unbelievable. (I don't do this.)

Our back-end fees are lower than a lot of attorneys.

That means you get more of the money.

That's only fair because YOU are the one that has suffered.

I also fight to reduce the liens.

Again, that means you get more of the money.

So, call (385) 263-7772 and talk with me today. (Free consultation)


Car Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Semi-truck Accidents
Dog Bites
Wrongful Death
Traumatic Brain Injury
Product Liability
Medical Malpractice
Slip & Falls
Workers Compensation
Asbestos Cancer


The Insurance Research Council performed a study and found that on average, you'll get a settlement offer that is 3.7 times larger when you have an attorney.

Sometimes it's 4.09 times larger.

So, the simple answer is that you need an attorney because your settlement offer will likely be much larger.

Why is this?

Well, the insurance company just doesn't take you seriously if there isn't the threat of a lawsuit and the added expenses that go along with a lawsuit.

For them, it's just business... and they've found they can take advantage of you if you don't have an attorney.

I act as a hired gun to get the insurance company to take your claim seriously.

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