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Corey Law Office

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DUII/Criminal Law and Family Law brings each individual's unique situation. DUII's and Criminal law are frightening, and leave an individual confused about what the possibilities are and what direction a person should take. Kimberly Corey is just the attorney for that person. She is compassionate and understanding with each individual's needs. Further with 17 years of trial experience as a trial, she is competent in the courtroom and with juries. Family Law is emotional roller coaster ride. You have just decided to leave a relationship that you have tied up years with your spouse, and you feel as though your identity has just been dissolved. You are scrambling to decide how to divide everything including time with your children, when you never had to think about this before. Ms. Corey is the calm in the storm. She will be the person who will bring your attention to what you need to focus on in order to complete the divorce. Custody and Parenting time issues tend to manifest themselves when one party is not getting as much time with their children as would be in the child's best interest. It could be that the other parent is flat out denying any access to your children or it could be that it has manifested itself to get so severe as to create parental alienation with the child and the parent. It could also be that the other parent is found to be abusing the children or has created an unsafe place for the children to live. None of the above-examples are good for the children, and the courts have determined that if there is a substantial change in circumstances that the parent can petition the court for a change in custody and/or parenting time that would be in the best interest of the children. Ms. Corey can help you get what is in the best interest of the children.

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