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Cordero Law LLC

Cordero Law is a New York City based boutique law firm focused on Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property Law. We provide innovative legal services to our clients in ways traditional law firms cannot match.

Firm Overview

At Cordero Law, we understand that our clients are busy people. As such, we have taken advantage of many technological advances in order to streamline client interaction while maintaining an open channel of communication. Cordero Law is revolutionizing the legal profession Whether you are a small business entrepreneur, established business, entertainer, artist, or someone with a great idea, we look forward to working with you.

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Main Office
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Intellectual Property

Cordero Law handles a wide range of intellectual property ("IP") services. These services range primarily in the areas of trademark, copyright, and trade secret. Additionally, Cordero Law also works on various IP licensing transactions.

Intellectual Property (or "IP" as the cool kids say it) refers to the creations of the mind. IP is one of the most complex bodies of law out there. At Cordero Law, our intellectual property lawyers pride ourselves on being able to handle anything related to intellectual property law. However, we do handle many services more often than others. Therefore, here are a few services that our intellectual property attorneys handle on a more frequent basis. EVALUATION OF TRADEMARK STRENGTHS This can sometimes be considered an "IP Audit" due to the nature of the work. Many companies, both large and small, have no idea what intellectual property is and what they have around the company that is a form of intellectual property. During an IP Audit, we will dive into your company in an attempt to uncover all your company's unclaimed intellectual property. Why would someone do this? Because as we mentioned above, over the years, intellectual property has become more and more important to businesses. As such, knowing what type of intellectual property a business has within their organization can allow a business the ability to capitalize and monetize on the rights they didn't even know they had. IP STRATEGY CONSULTING While an IP Audit is beneficial to a company that is already established, a new or emerging company might not be able to benefit as much from it. This is where an IP Strategy Consulting session might be able to come in for new companies. While Cordero Law's IP lawyers can work on identifying what IP your company already has, during our strategy consulting session(s), an IP lawyer can help determine which types of intellectual property your company is likely to benefit the most from. CLEARANCE An essential part of an IP lawyer's work is to help companies and individuals avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of another. Cordero Law's intellectual property attorneys can help clear potential copyrights and trademarks prior to registration and limit the potential for infringement of the copyright and trademark rights of another person or company. REGISTRATION OF COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS Intellectual property protection starts with registration. Cordero Law's intellectual property lawyers can help to register both copyrights with the United States Copyright Office and trademarks the United States Patent and Trademark Office. TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT ENFORCEMENT Trademark and Copyright enforcement are a two-way street. Sometimes, you are on the defensive, having just received a cease and desist letter accusing you or your company of infringing the intellectual property rights of another person. Also, sometimes someone else is using your intellectual property and you want them to stop. Regardless of which end you find yourself in, the IP attorneys at Cordero Law can help. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LICENSING AND TRANSFER IP Licensing is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize the intellectual property of a company or individual. As such, having a well versed transactional intellectual property lawyer to negotiate and facilitate intellectual property licensing agreements is imperative. Additionally, while licensing your IP is a great way to monetize on your intellectual property, for some, it selling your intellectual property is a better option. Cordero Law's intellectual property attorneys will help you decide which option is the better option for you and facilitate the process.


One of Cordero Law's main focus is the area of business law. From the creation of new businesses to the point the business is already established and needs various transactional needs, such as contract drafting and contract review, we can help.

Whether you are a startup or established business, we can help. The amount of legal issues surrounding having a business are massive! As a business owner, you shouldn't have to focus on these issues. That's what we are here for! While every business has unique needs, we have detailed a number of common services we offer. Don't see what you need on the list or are not sure what you need? Contact us so we can figure it out together. BUSINESS STRATEGY SESSION Help entrepreneurs that wish to start a business by advising them on business entity selection (Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Not-for-profit Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership), formation procedures, and counseling on where it would be best to form a business (New York vs. Delaware, Nevada, etc.). DRAFTING BUSINESS FORMATION DOCUMENTS While formation documents depend on what business entity is formed, some common ones that are drafted are articles of organization, certificate of incorporation, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and corporate bylaws. BUSINESS CONSULTING Advise small business or startup entrepreneurs on the legalities surrounding their business decisions. IRS EIN APPLICATION The EIN number is a tax payer identification number that is used by businesses (think of it as the business social security number). As a part of business formation, transactional attorneys can also apply to the Internal Revenue Service for an EIN number. DRAFTING OF COMMON ESSENTIAL BUSINESS CONTRACTS Depending on the business that is being run, certain contracts are seen more often than others and are very common. Some of these are Stock Purchase Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements GENERAL CONTRACT DRAFTING While not ever contract a business needs can be considered routine and standard, a business lawyer should be able to identify what type of contract the business needs as its client, what provisions of the contract need to be in place to protect the client interests, and further, to be able to implement these into a contract. CONTRACT REVIEW Contract review is a very broad term. That being said, contract review is generally broken down into three levels. The first level of contract review is a general scan of an agreement with a particular purpose, such as answering a specific question. The next level up is usually a complete review of the contract, having the attorney point out any red flags that the lawyer deems something that the business should be aware of. The third, more complex level, can be a combination of the other two levels with the addition of the attorney actually making changes to the contract the lawyer is given based on the best interests of the client - essentially beginning the negotiation of the contract. CONTRACT NEGOTIATION Because much of the transactional attorney's work revolves around contracts, it is only fair that a good transactional attorney is experienced in the areas of negotiating contracts. Depending on what type of business you are running, some prefer to handle the negotiations themselves and have the lawyer formalize everything while others prefer to send in their attorney in to handle all the negotiations. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Many years ago, intellectual property was not considered to be anywhere as near as valuable to a business as it is today. With the ongoing development of various businesses, intellectual property is now, potentially, where many businesses make the majority of their earnings from. Having a transactional lawyer that understands intellectual property has become essential.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Cordero Law practices in three main areas, Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property. We decided on Business and Intellectual Property Law because they both work together every step of the way for our entrepreneurial clientele - a type of client that we always love working with. We decided on Entertainment Law because our firm's founder, Julian Cordero, was a music producer for nine years prior to forming this law firm. In summary, we love entrepreneurs and the entertainment industry. The practice areas we have chosen us allow us to do what we love.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Julian Cordero is an entrepreneur, having started over five businesses prior to starting his own law firm. He understands what it is like to be a business owner. In doing so, he is able to operate on the legal side of things with a unique perspective that other lawyers simply do not have. Julian is also a music producer of nine years, working primary in the areas of hip-hop and r & b. He understands the music industry as if it were a part of him and is able to use his unique knowledge of the entertainment industry to better serve his clients.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Many times, when people hire a law firm, they get little to no interaction with the attorneys they hired. We don't believe this is right. At Cordero Law, we work with our clients, not for them. Our clients tell us, time and time again, that we made the experience of having a lawyer as pleasant as possible. We do this by having a strong line of communication between our lawyers and clients. Cordero Law understands that, for many of our clients, it is the first time dealing with a lawyer. We work to ease this new undertaking by being as transparent as possible with all our clients and letting our clients know that we are available to answer any questions every step of the way.

Julian Cordero

Cordero Law LLC

Julian Cordero

Cordero Law LLC

Julian Cordero is an attorney (although he prefers the term "Legal Ninja") focusing in the areas of Business Law, Entertainment Law, and Intellectual Property Law.

Specifically, Julian's skills are focused on the transactional aspect of the law. Julian has drafted, reviewed, and negotiated contracts on a variety of different subject matters.

Julian is the founder of Cordero Law LLC, based out of New York City. Julian started his law firm with the goal of revolutionizing the way law firms work. He hopes to achieve this by shifting away from the focus most traditional law firms hold dearly. A traditional law firm cares more about ensuring clients are billed properly than the work they are doing. As the result of this inappropriate focus, the public perception of lawyers has spiraled downhill. Most people hate lawyers. Julian wants to change this.

In his spare time, Julian also produces Hip Hop and R&B songs. He is a classically trained musician and began his love for music at the age of eight when he first picked up the viola. Julian has produced records for Grammy award winning musicians and has been recognized by his peers for his talents. Julian plans to one day win a Grammy of his own in the "Producer of the Year" category.


Stony Brook University
Bachelor of Science, 2011

New York Law School
Juris Doctor, 2014

Julian Cordero

Cordero Law LLC

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