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Collins & Collins Family Law


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Collins & Collins focuses its practice on Family Law. The firm handles matters throughout the State of New Mexico.

Collins & Collins handles family law matters throughout Albuquerque and Santa Fe region including the surrounding counties of Cibola, Torrace, Valencia, Sandoval, Bernalillo, and Santa Fe.

We recognize that divorces and child custody cases are the most stressful events faced by our clients and their families. These cases can be not only emotionally stressful, but financially disastrous. It is important to understand the costs as you begin the process. Ideally you can obtain a divorce and/or child custody arrangement that leaves you and your family intact both emotionally and financially. This is a goal worth pursuing. We appreciate the confidence that our clients place in us and we work hard to achieve these goals for our clients. To these ends, the attorneys at Collins & Collins maintain regular contact with our clients, insuring that each and every client is kept informed and involved in his or her case.

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Parrish Collins

Collins & Collins Family Law

A divorce is among the most
stressful things you will face.  It is
not only emotionally stressful, it can be financially disastrous.  It is important to understand the costs of
divorce to you and your family before you begin the process.  Ideally you can obtain a divorce that
leaves you both emotionally and financially intact.  This is a goal worth pursuing. 

There are many ways to approach
a divorce.  The approach will dictate
the outcome and the costs.  Like many
other states New Mexico has enacted no-fault divorce statutes. No fault
divorce means that there is no need to show spousal misconduct to obtain a
divorce.   Unfortunately, fault is
often the focal point of the parties. 
This approach has severe economic and emotional costs associated with