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Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.

One of Indiana's Most Respected Law Firms Since 1995 We serve clients in four core practice areas: family law, criminal defense, appellate practice, and civil litigation.

Firm Overview

Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. is a legal practice founded in 1995 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The singular thread woven into the firm's founding philosophy remains true today: Every case has a specific story to tell; and to maximize the clients probability of reaching his or her objective, the legal advocate must commit the time necessary to learn its depths, dimensions and nuances.

Inasmuch, the firm's representation of clients is akin to an artisan's work. Each case is unique, and no one approach or technique may be universally applied to best serve the client to maximize the legal objective. For this reason, we start and handle every case where and how it makes sense to do so, even if that approach is unique, progressive, or a one-off.

Distilled, however, a simple, and now tried and true, recipe for success emerges: Ciyou & Dixon, P.C. closely partners with its clients to identify and/or clarify the legal need to synthesize the legal theme that will be consistently utilized for settlement or trial purposes. This necessitates open and frequent communication.

Once this is accomplished, the plan is executed; and collectively, exhaustively and aggressively, the firm employs and applies the legal tools necessary to reach a successful resolution or until the prudent courses of action is exhausted to the end of the legal objective. Over time, this model has been particularly effective in addressing complex civil and domestic cases, along with the balance of those in our core practice areas

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Bryan Ciyou

Ciyou & Dixon, P.C.

Attorney Bryan L. Ciyou, an Eagle Scout, lives each day on the bedrock principle of the Boy Scout Motto, Be Prepared. This way of life his mantra was then forged on the anvil of hardships endured during his significant humanitarian aid work in places like Haiti and Central America. In these countries, making a plan and executing it, and always being prepared, was not a choice but a necessity in order to survive daily life.A few years later, Mr. Ciyou attended Indiana University, Indianapolis, completing the honors program and graduating with a bachelor of arts, with distinction, in 1991; and from its law school with a doctor of jurisprudence, cum laude, in 1994. Mr. Ciyou then entered the private practice of law in 1994.

With his diverse life experiences and academic successes, Mr. Ciyou brings to the table, in every legal matter he handles, deft organizational and leadership skills. And he has a strong moral compass, personal values and integrity, along with relentless drive the keys to his success as a lawyer.

Professionally, Mr. Ciyou has extensive civil trial and appellate practice experience, having briefed and orally argued cases before the Indiana Court of Appeals and Indiana Supreme Court. Further, Mr. Ciyou has researched, drafted, and filed Certiorari Petitions with the United States Supreme Court. Other professional interests include complex domestic relations, litigation, and business law.

Mr. Ciyou is also a prolific writer, publishing a number of professional articles each year; and he is sought after as a frequent presenter and lecturer for continuing education for other lawyers and other professionals. Mr. Ciyouâ written works and speaking topics range from the legal aspects of safety and security in the workplace, alternative dispute resolution, and complex domestic relations.