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Award-winning Orange County criminal defense lawyers and personal injury attorneys with decades of experience handling over 8,500 cases and jury trials. Call for a FREE Consultation to review your case and how we can help.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or are facing criminal charges, give us a call. It is crucial to get a top lawyer to advise you as soon as possible. All cases have the potential to be won, no matter how they appear on the surface.

Our award winning team of former government prosecutors and top personal injury lawyers have decades of experience successfully fighting over 8,500 cases and court trials. We have an outstanding record of client successes and a sterling reputation as compassionate, tenacious advocates that know how to win for our clients.

CRIMINAL DEFENSE: As former District Attorneys, we understand the legal system inside out. Our Orange County criminal defense attorneys have both prosecuted and defended thousands of criminal and DUI cases. This insider knowledge helps us understand how prosecutors and law enforcement investigators build their cases and how to best to beat them.

Our highly experienced Orange County criminal attorneys have successfully defended every type of criminal case from misdemeanor first DUI to serious multiple-count felony drug trafficking and special circumstance homicide charges. When you hire Chudnovsky Law, you bring the full force of our decades of experience, law enforcement relationships and formidable courtroom skills to bear on your defense.

PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENTS: Our Orange County Personal Injury Lawyers help innocent victims of auto accidents, truck accidents, airplane disasters, catastrophic injuries, product defects and other negligent acts obtain full and just compensation for injuries and the best medical care.

Insurance companies care about one thing: maximizing profit by minimizing their claims payouts. We know all the tactics they use to pay you as little as possible. In fact, one of our Orange County car accident attorneys started his legal career working at a large law firm defending insurance companies from claims.

When you hire Chudnovsky Law to pursue compensation for you, you gain a tenacious advocate that knows how to beat insurance companies at their game. We will not give up until we've achieved the best outcome possible in your case.

YOU PAY NO FEES FOR YOUR INJURY CASE UNLESS WE WIN. We represent injury cases on a contingency basis which means you never have to pay out of pocket to pursue your claim. We take all the risk and do not request or receive any payment unless we win compensation for you.


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Orange County DUI Lawyer

DUI cases are rarely hopeless. Police can bungle roadside investigations and arrests. Breathalyzer and blood tests are subject to errors and medical conditions or even Atkins diets can trigger falsely high BAC blood alcohol levels. Our Orange County DUI attorneys have handled thousands of cases and know all the best defenses to highlight reasonable doubt about key evidence needed to convict.

Personal Injury

California Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligent acts of another, you may be entitled to compensation under California personal injury law. Depending on the case, you may be entitled to different types of damages including: Medical expenses, pain and suffering, long term case, travel costs, lost wages and benefits, loss of future earnings and loss of consortium with your partner.

Criminal Defense

The Orange County District Attorney's office prosecutes more than 65,000 misdemeanor and felony criminal cases each year according to the Judicial Council of California.

If you are facing criminal charges, a police investigation or arrest warrant, give us a call. Our former Prosecutors are experts at defending you in the Orange County legal system. We will fight to get the best outcome possible, dismissing or reducing charges, fines and keeping you out of jail. If you have been charged with any crime such as domestic violence, drug crimes, assault, theft crimes, weapons charges or sex crimes, we can help you immediately. For misdemeanor charges, we can usually make all court appearances for you so you don't have to attend court hearings unless you'd like to.

Tsion Chudnovsky

Chudnovsky Law

Tsion Chudnovsky is an award-winning California criminal defense and personal injury lawyer representing clients throughout Orange County and California. Tsion has been featured in The National Trial Lawyers "Top 100 Trial Lawyers", Martindale-Hubbell, the American Bar Association, Attorney Journal Orange County, Avvo, American Express and US News & World Report. Tsion is fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and Amharic.


University of California Irvine

Loyola Law School

Robert K. Weinberg

Chudnovsky Law

Robert K. Weinberg is an award-winning former Orange County Prosecutor and accomplished trial lawyer who has handled over 5,000 cases and more than 100 jury trials. He is a recognized authority in both California criminal defense and professional licensing law and their complex intersection for licensed healthcare professionals. As an experienced former prosecutor, Mr. Weinberg knows California's criminal justice system inside and out. He knows the District Attorneys, the judges and what they need to see to achieve the best possible resolution to your case. He has successfully handled every type of criminal matter from simple misdemeanors to the most serious multi-count felony charges. His professional license defense practice involves representing California licensed healthcare professionals in front of all licensing boards, California criminal courts, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Mr. Weinberg is "Of Counsel" at Chudnovsky Law.


University of San Diego School of Law

University of Southern California

Sherry Cross

Chudnovsky Law

Sherry Cross is an Orange County criminal defense attorney and accomplished trial lawyer who has handled over 3,000 cases and court trials. She is a recognized authority in California criminal defense and DUI driving under the influence defense. Sherry started her criminal defense career working 5 years as a public defense attorney in Miami-Dade County. Working as a government attorney she learned how Prosecutors and law enforcement investigators build and prosecute their cases. This valuable inside information helps her analyze cases, identify weaknesses and implement the most successful defense strategies. Sherry has worked extensively in Orange County and southern California courts over the years and has an outstanding reputation and relationships with District Attorneys, judges and law enforcement agencies. Sherry is also an accomplished Orange County personal injury attorney that has won multi-million client awards.


University of Miami School of Law

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill