Christopher L. Rabby, P.A

Christopher L. Rabby, P.A

Pensacola, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher L. Rabby, is on Your Side

Firm Overview

More than 20 years of experience in criminal defense of sex, drugs and violence charges in Pensacola, Florida and Federal Courts.
Chris Rabby is private attorney working as a criminal defense lawyer in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. He is a sole practicioner and is BV Distinguished Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell as a criminal defense attorney. At Christopher L. Rabby, P.A., we represent people charged with a wide range of criminal offenses, such as sexual assault, drug possession and conspiracy offenses, drug trafficking, firearm possession, as well as driving under the influence, domestic violence and injunction violations, and we are ready to help defend your rights in Florida and Federal Courts. Chris Rabby can also help with Florida Sex Offender Registration removal, in many cases. When you are facing the toughest battle of your life, Chris Rabby, ensures you receive the vigorous defense you deserve.

Florida criminal law is complicated, and it requires an experienced and dedicated Florida criminal defense attorney to navigate the Florida criminal justice system successfully. Chris Rabby is one of the most experienced criminal laywers in Pensacola, Florida. He has over twenty (20) years experience as a criminal defense lawyer and knows there are many factors to be examined and investigated in each case. Chris Rabby looks at everything from the initial encounter with law enforcement, the probable cause for arrest, the evidence that the government presents and the reliability of that evidence, to the best possible outcome. Our goal is to protect your rights and keep you informed at every stage. Chris is a "Life Member" of the F.A.C.D.L. and N.A.C.D.L. (The Florida and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers). This is career dedication which means that criminal defense is what he does, what he has done for over 20 years, and what he will be doing for his professional life.

We build quality defenses and quality relationships with all our clients.
At Christopher L. Rabby, P.A., we take the time to understand our clients' needs and build the strongest possible cases for them. The hallmarks of our firm include:

Personal attention In our small firm-environment, we devote the time it takes to listen to you and to understand and respond to your concerns.

Knolwedge of the Criminal Justice System in Pensacola - Chris has been actively involved in represnting people in Pensacola since 1992. He can explain the court system and how an arrest, bond and release interrelate with a prosecution, as well as how Pensacola Beach cases can sometime be resolved without returning to Pensacola.

Extensive experience in Florida and Federal Court Most crimes are prosecuted in state courts, and many lawyers don't have the knowledge to help a client when the case goes to Federal Court. Chris Rabby is highly experienced in Florida and Federal Courts. He has been trying cases in Florida since 1992 and Federal Court since 1995. Whatever the jurisdiction, we are prepared to advocate for you effectively.

Serious and Complex cases At our firm, we handle the most violent crimes and complex cases with the most serious potential outcomes. We do not judge our clients, and are sensitive to the potential damage to your reputation, family relationships, and the collateral consequences of a criminal arrest.

-Focus on criminal defense
-We focus on the following practice areas:
-Federal criminal defense
-Florida criminal defense
-Defense of violent offenses, sex crimes, Lewd and Lacavious, travelor cases,
-- internet solicitation and sexual assault
-Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
-Florida Sex Offender Registration removal
-Pensacola Ordinance Violations (Illegal "lap dance" to free speech)
-Injunctions and proceedings related to criminal arrests/ Collateral Consequences
-Expungement and sealing of criminal records
-Pensacola Beach offenses and Perdido Key Beach offenses

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Main Office
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Criminal Defense

Federal Court Criminal Defense Attorney in District Court for the Nothern District of Florida

Federal Court defense counsel for criminal defendants
Since most criminal cases are prosecuted in state courts/ Florida Court, the majority of practicing attorneys never even enter Federal Court (United States District Court). Chris Rabby is a Federal criminal defense lawyer in Pensacola, Florida. If you are investigated or charged with a Federal crime where Federal jurisdiction applies, you need an attorney who is more than simply acquainted with the United States Code, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Christopher L. Rabby has almost 20 years experience defending and litigating cases in the Federal Court system in United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. He understands the nuances, pit-falls, and sentencing enhancements of Federal Criminal Court. Chris Rabby is prepared to represent you in matters related to:

-Federal criminal defense
-Drug Trafficking
-Mortgage Fraud
-Bank Fraud
-Wire Fraud
-Firearms Cases
-Computer Crimes/ Internet Pornography
-Theft/ Fraud/ Government Fraud
-Failure to Register/ Adam Walsh Cases
-Violation of Supervised Release
-Many Additional areas- BP Fraud, Mislabeled Fish, Criminal Child Support Prosecution...

Federal prosecution requires an attorney with Federal defense experience
If you are accused of a crime that violates a statute passed by Congress, you will be tried in Federal Court. Crimes involving Federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (e.g., drug trafficking), Securities and Exchange Commission (e.g., securities fraud), U.S. Treasury (e.g., counterfeiting), and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (e.g., gun possession and trafficking), and Internal Revenue Service (Tax Evasion) are Federal offenses, as are crimes that cross state lines, such as moving a kidnap victim from one state to another. Crimes that use a Federal agency, such as the U.S. Postal Service, to perpetrate an illegal act are likewise Federal. Chris Rabby understands federal criminal law and all aspects of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, including:
-Federal Bail Reform Act
-Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
-Discovery and Evidence review
-Federal sentencing guidelines

Most Federal criminal prosecutions are charged as conspiracy cases. A conspiracy is defined as when two or more people work together in violation of the law. It can be an informal agreement to violate the law, which can involve allegations of drug trafficking, firearms, violence and schemes to defraud the government, banks or individuals. The general conspiracy charge falls under Title 21 U.S.C. 846. A person can be charged with a conspiracy even if they are a one-time/minimal participant and do not know the full nature and extent of the scheme.
If you have been accused of Federal conspiracy charges, get experienced criminal defense help right away. Having a knowledgeable, experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer fighting to protect your rights can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case, particularly when mandatory prison sentences are a possible result of a conviction in many cases.

Don't give the Federal prosecutor an added advantage of facing an unexperienced attorney. Retain an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney at our office at Christopher L. Rabby, P.A. Attorneys who are unfamiliar with the local Federal system may inadvertantly prevent clients from receiving numerous benefits.

The Northern District of Florida has:
-More restrictive discovery rules than Florida
-Judges with experience in complex cases
-A more prepared prosecution
-Favorable precedent binding on the court
-Speedier trial (A "Rocket Docket")
-A broader jury pool
-An experienced Federal Court litigator can fully explain why your case is being prosecuted in Federal and not Florida state court.

Collateral Issues, Cases and Understanding
There are a great many issues that can arise from an arrest or criminal prosecution, including an Injunction, Divorce, and/or Dependency Case(s). Chris Rabby has experience in these matters and can assist with them. There may also be driver license suspensions, criminal justice system "traps," employment and professional
ramifications, and personal and family relationship deterioration(s). There is always the stress of being involved in litigation.

Chris Rabby has been helping people navigate their lives through unfortunate circumstances for more than 20 years. He can help you understand how the issues will change your life and advise you on how to move forward from the experience.

Christopher L. Rabby

Christopher L. Rabby, P.A

Practice Areas:
-Federal Criminal Defense
-State Criminal Defense
-Violent & Sex Offense Allegations
-Domestic, Repeat, Dating and Sexual Violence Injunction(s) Defense
-Collateral Consequences
-Private Practice Criminal Defense

Bar Admissions:
-Florida State Bar, 1992
-United States District Court, for the Northern District of Florida, 1995
-United States Court of Appeals, for the Eleventh Circuit; 1996
-United States Supreme Court, 1999

About Chris L. Rabby:
-BV Distinguished Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell

-J.D., St. Thomas University, 1992
-B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1989

Professional Associations
-National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Life Member)
-Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Life Member)
-Escambia-Santa Rosa Bar Association
-American Bar Association

Escambia and Santa Rosa Society of Criminal Defense Bar (Former President)
Attorney Chris L. Rabby graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1989. He then spent three years in Miami, Florida, where he attended St. Thomas University, School of Law. He received his Juris Doctorate in May, 1992 and began his career with the Office of the Public Defender on September 24, 1992, the day he was sworn in as a member of the Florida Bar. Immediately following being sworn in, he defended an evidence tampering jury trial. Things have not slowed down since and he has been defending people from all walks of life against allegations of sex, drugs and violence ever since. His trials in state court have ranged from simple assault to murder, with an occasional lap-dancing violation along the way. Chris Rabby's Federal criminal trials have ranged from drug trafficking and firearms offenses to money laundering and bank fraud.

He has worked as an attorney for the Pensacola Office of the Public Defender and as an associate attorney before opening Christopher L. Rabby, P.A. in 2000. Chrris Rabby provides private practice criminal defense in Pensacola, Florida.

Chris Rabby is a sole practitioner that provides individualized attention and focus to his clients.


St. Thomas University
Juris Doctorate,