Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C.

Chicago Consumer Law Center, P.C.

We help people get back on their feet by defending against debt collection lawsuits, suing debt collectors, and when necessary, get a second chance by filing for bankruptcy along with our post-bankruptcy Credit Builder program.

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If you've ever struggled to make ends meet, pay your bills, keep a roof over your family's heads, or even if you were doing well and all of a sudden found yourself on the receiving end of a debt collection lawsuit, a debt collector's constant barrage of calls and letters, or got hit hard by an unexpected event (who saw Covid-19 coming?) then you're like one of our current or past clients.

Our long term goal for clients is to get them in the best financial (and credit) position possible by using the legal tools we have. One client faced 7 different collection lawsuits and we were able to keep him out of bankruptcy by winning or settling for a modest amount. For other clients, bankruptcy was the best choice for them but bankruptcy alone is not the answer. Which is why we help our bankruptcy clients build their credit immediately, so they can get back on their feet and not be punished for the next 10 years. We also sue debt collectors for breaking the law because let's face it, they're debt collectors, they're constantly breaking the law.

If you're facing a collection lawsuit, thinking of bankruptcy, or have been contacted by a debt collector then you'll want to at least give us a call.

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Debt Collection Defense Bankruptcy No fee to sue debt collection companies

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