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Charles Bennett Law PLLC

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We created Bennett Injury Law to help individuals facing life-changing injuries or a death in the family due to another's fault or negligence. We are trial lawyers at heart. We routinely travel the country to help other lawyers try their cases and we teach them how to succeed in the courtroom. As a result, many lawyers refer their cases to us because they trust us to handle the case in the most professional manner possible.

We are ready, willing, and able to litigate our client's case all the way to a jury, if that is what is necessary to obtain full and fair value for what others did to them. We treat every client like they're our family member and prepare every case for trial.

We are advisors, mentors, counselors, advocates, and teachers. But above all, we strive to listen to our clients.

We always aim to improve, whether its through training, supervising, innovation, or technology. We believe thinking outside the box is crucial to success and is achieved by keeping open channels of communication. We encourage our entire staff to provide input.

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