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Central Coast Patent Agency

Central Coast Patent Agency

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We are members of the US Patent Bar, specializing in preparing and filing patent applications, and in dealing with the US Patent Office on your behalf in the process of examining your patent applications. We intentionally limit our work to these two areas, as this is where value is created.

This is exacting work, in which our combined 45 years of experience qualifies us beyond all others to represent you to the US Patent Office.

Proper illustration of your invention, and proper description are crucial in a good application, and we excel in both.

But the beating heart in writing a patent application is in the language of the claims. We are experts in semantics of claims.

Beyond filing, patents are won in dealing with the patent examiners in the examination process. This is another area in which we shine. We have caused to issue more than a thousand US Patents.

So, if you want the very best to write your patent application, and/or to deal with the US Patent Office on your behalf, we are the best choice. It is all we do.

Begin to patent your ideas and inventions today so you may profit from them in the future.
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