Caves & Caves, PLLC

Caves & Caves, PLLC

Caves & Caves, PLLC is a law firm representing the rights of people in domestic and personal matters, and representing clients in damage lawsuits.

Firm Overview

Terry L. Caves is a skilled attorney with extensive legal experience.

A full-service and diverse litigation group, we practice the following areas of law:

-General civil litigation
-Real estate transactions & closings
-Family law
-Banking law
-Personal injury
-School law
-Wills & estates

Leonard Caves established our firm in 1974, serving clients in Jones County. With the help of his son Terry Caves, our law office now proudly serves clients in all Southern Mississippi counties.

Main Office

Main Office
525 North 4th Avenue
Laurel MS 39441



Real Estate

Real estate law encompasses all legal action and regulations related to the rights of buying, selling, using, and owning a piece of property.

These laws also govern interest in the property and relationships among the buyers/sellers/owners/renters. Laurel law firm Caves & Caves, PLLC focuses its real estate practice on property closings.

Types of real estate include:
-Single Family Homes
-Town homes
-Office buildings
-Shopping and strip malls
-Industrial and storage
-Raw undeveloped land
-Timber land

Offering experienced counsel to property buyers:
Property laws come from the federal government, but most states establish their own real estate laws to fit the needs of the community. The real estate closing process is the final transaction of a land purchase, in which the following items are transferred from seller to buyer:
-Title insurance policy
-Agreed-on costs
-Financing documents

Laurel, Mississippi lawyers approved closing agents

If you are about to close a property deal in Southern Mississippi, contact the attorneys at civil litigation law office Caves & Caves. We know and understand our state's property laws and are experienced in handling all facets of closing issues, including:
-Real estate litigation

In addition to our impressive list of civil litigation clients, we are approved closing agents and official title insurance agents.

Mississippi laws regulate propertyland and structures on the landthat generate income. Commercial real estate includes:
-Offices Shopping malls
-Industrial parks
-Retail stores

Buying or selling a home is a large personal undertaking. Lawyers at Caves & Caves make sure that these important deals close smoothly. We handle several parts of the transaction, involving:
-Terms of the purchase contract
-Inspection contingency
-Financial provision for inspection
-Review the title report
-Estate planning issues
-Oversee the exchange of the deed
-Ensure that all proper documents are signed

An easement allows a non-owner to use a particular piece of land for a specific purpose. Utility companies need easements to run power lines or sewer lines across private property for efficient service. If your company needs an easement to run your business, contact Caves & Caves, PLLC.

Contract law is a complex branch of civil litigation involving many areas of law. In real estate, contracts regulate the terms, actions, ownerships, and rights of all dealings with the property. Your lawyer should have experience drafting and reviewing property-related contracts in Mississippi and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Real estate litigation:
Real estate litigation is the cornerstone of a property law closings practice. To protect your rights, your attorney must know how to review and edit contracts and also bring unjust circumstances to court. For experienced real estate litigators, contact the lawyers at Caves & Caves, PLLC for your next real estate endeavor.

Leonard B. Caves

Caves & Caves, PLLC

Of Counsel

Practice Areas:
-Domestic Relations
-Land Use
-School Law
-Title Examinations
-Real Property
-Probate Law
-Estate Administration
-Family Law
-Child Custody
-Child Support
-Visitation Rights
-Adoption Law
-Elder Law

1970, Mississippi

-University of Southern Mississippi, MA, 1956
-Jackson School of Law, JD, 1970
-Circuit Clerk, 1960-1967
-Chancery Clerk, 1968-1975, Jones County

-Jones County Bar Association
-The Mississippi Bar
-U.S. Navy, 1949-1950

Born in Waynesboro, Mississippi, February 14, 1931


Jackson School of Law
Juris Doctorate, 1970

Terry L. Caves

Caves & Caves, PLLC


Practice Areas:
-Real Property
-Real Estate Litigation
-Title Examinations
-Commercial Real Estate
-Residential Real Estate
-Family Law
-Workers Compensation
-Administrative Law
-Governmental Law
-Personal Injury
-School Law
-Public Law
-Banking Law
-Child Custody
-Corporate Law
-Construction Litigation

1983, Mississippi

University of Mississippi, BBA, 1980; JD, 1983
Certified Mediator

-Jones County Bar Association, Past President, 1995
-The Mississippi Bar
-Administrative Law Section
-Workers Compensation Section
-Litigation and General Practice Section
-Real Property Section
-Mississippi Trial Lawyers, Past Member, Board of Governors
-Jones County Young Lawyers Association, Past President
-The Association of Trial Lawyers of America
-Mississippi Council of School Attorneys, Past President
-National Association of School Attorneys

Born in Laurel, Mississippi, September 28, 1958


University of Mississippi
BBA, 1980; JD, 1983 Certified Mediator,