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We Put Our Clients First

The hallmark of Castro & Co.'s success has always been and will continue to be the same: sophisticated international tax planning of the highest quality and results-oriented billing practices by superior attorneys who are proud of their profession. Each lawyer on our team does everything possible to solve our clients' issues with the utmost loyalty. Castro & Co. remains committed to prioritizing long-term relationships ahead of short-term profit goals. This commitment has allowed our firm to build close, lasting relationships with our clients.

We Are Committed to Providing Pro Bono Work

Castro & Co. is currently in the process of establishing the first low-income taxpayer clinic in Dallas, Texas. As the only major metropolis in the United States without a low-income taxpayer clinic, the low-income families of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex will substantially benefit from this clinic that will offer free, high-quality tax services to families that have certified their low-income status.

Castro & Co. is absolutely devoted to serving the surrounding low-income communities. All international tax attorneys and professionals at our firm are required, as a condition of employment, to devote a respectable number of hours each year to pro bono activities, including the soon-to-be-established tax clinic. If your income is below the federal poverty line and you would like your case to be considered by our firm, please feel free to contact the office closest to your area for more information on how to submit your case for consideration.

Our areas of practice are Tax Planning and Estate Planning.

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