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Castle Law

At Castle Law, we only accept cases we believe in. Period. We help good people overcome extraordinarily difficult challenges.

Firm Overview

We do one thing...and we do it really well. Castle Law is a Family Law firm that focuses its energies and resources on that area of practice. This intense specialization allows our team to focus on helping you.

-Family Law
-Divorce and Post-Decree
-Prenuptial Agreements
-Cohabitation Agreements
-Division of Community Business
-Business Valuation
-Division of Community Property
-Spousal Maintenance
-Parenting and Co-Parenting Agreements (parenting time, child support, legal decision-making)
-Parental Fitness Evaluations (for mental health and addiction)
-Parental Relocation
-Grandparent Rights
-Third-Party and Same-Sex Partner Rights
-Paternity Establishment
-Orders of Protection
-Domestic Violence
-Separation Agreements
-Parenting Coordinator Services
-Child Custody

Main Office

Main Office
1730 East Northern Avenue, Ste. 204
Phoenix AZ 85020


(480) 542-5885

Jason Castle

Castle Law

Mr. Castle has been licensed for 16 years and focuses on Family Law.

He has over a decade of unique expertise in high-conflict custody cases, many of which involve allegations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. He also regularly serves as a court-appointed adviser for family law court. In this capacity, he both collects and considers evidence, including conducting formal interviews with children whose well-being is in question. These findings, and his recommendations, are presented in court in the most difficult cases to determine the best interests of minors in family law cases. Finally, Jason has helped families with complicated assets including large businesses and complex estates.