Cassandra T. Savoy, P.C.

Cassandra T. Savoy, P.C.

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Cassandra T. Savoy has been an attorney for more than 20 years. By skillfully handling your case and protecting you while upholding your best interests, attorney Cassandra T. Savoy can help you achieve a fair resolution in all your legal matters.

"I like to think that I treat my clients like I would like to be treated if I were the client. I do not take success for granted and realize that success is a function of hard work and preparation. I work hard to earn their trust and confidence and I will do what it takes to get the best result possible." - Cassandra T. Savoy

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Cassandra T. Savoy will zealously advocate for your rights during the frustrations of a divorce.

Through mediation or litigation, our divorce law firm fights for your rights to get the best possible settlement or judgment, including fair distribution of assets and division of the marital home. We assist parents with child support payments and child custody rights.

Choosing to get a divorce is never an easy decision, and having to go through a divorce when you don't want to can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life. What you need most is an experienced divorce lawyer who is committed to your best interests and is intimately familiar with New Jersey divorce laws. Cassandra Savoy is an experienced divorce lawyer who is always ready to fight for clients' rights across northern New Jersey.


Cassandra T. Savoy

Cassandra T. Savoy, P.C.

Since 1991, Cassandra T. Savoy has been helping families get the best possible result, inside the courtroom and out. She is fully committed to trying to solve the problems of each and every one of her clients. Her work is typified by a diligence in the pursuit of what the client believes is in his or her best interest.

She prides herself on practicing law with high ethical standards and her track record demonstrates her uncanny ability to receive and maintain the trust of her clients. In the world of family law, trust is key and few understand that better than Cassandra. Family law clients must divulge their deepest darkest secrets, which means establishing trust is paramount to achieving a positive result for all. A large part of building that trust is by word of mouth 40% of our business is obtained through referral.

One statistic that helps give our clients some calm and peace of mind: 97% of family law cases in New Jersey settle. Cassandra is able to settle cases largely because she understands the nuances. Often the law is not black and white as much as it is gray. Understanding the nuance is a crucial part of her ability to help clients see the benefit of a bargain. She is very deliberate about trying to negotiate settlements that do not cause the client to have to litigate and re-litigate, and re-litigate their caseseven when the other side is difficult.

Cassandra T. Savoy boasts a creativity in her work that allows her to find a way to "reshape" the bargain in such a way that allows each of the parties to feel as though they won what is most important to them, even if they had to leave something else on the table.

Cassandra is proud to work in family law, and I enjoys it because it is less "bloody" than criminal law. Family law always seems to come to a good end. Even when parties do not want to divorce their spouse, she strives to help them deal with the trauma and know that tomorrow will be a brighter day.


Rutgers University School of Law
J.D., 1990

Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.A., 1977

Spelman College
B.A., 1964

Cassandra T. Savoy

Cassandra T. Savoy, P.C.

Cassandra T. Savoy

Cassandra T. Savoy, P.C.