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Bryan L. Salamone and Associates P.C.

Proven trial lawyers aggressively manage tough NY divorce cases

Firm Overview

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. welcomes clients who demand excellence. Located in Melville, NY, in the heart of Long Island, our firm features seasoned litigators who thrive on helping clients through high-conflict divorces. After 20 years of practice, we've earned a reputation for delivering effective solutions to complex family law matters. Our deep staff of attorneys is known for their:

Aggressive attitude This is New York, after all. That means we not only have to match, but we must outperform some of the hardest charging attorneys in the country. And that's just what we do.

Sense of urgency You've made your decision and now you want to get on with your life. As your attorneys, we're not going to let opposing counsel drag out the process. We play the "full court press," delivering optimal results in a timely manner.

Personal investment We provide a high level of personal attention during which we truly get to know you. Because we care and because we're ultra-competitive, we take your case personally.

Skilled litigation Our attorneys are in court on almost a daily basis. We enjoy trying cases because we're good at it. And we're good at it because we enjoy it.

Authoritative advice Founding attorney Bryan L. Salamone has tried so many high-profile divorce cases that he's become a sought-after authority on divorce in New York media. If major press outlets ask for our opinions and advice, shouldn't you?

If you believe that you and your family deserve top-quality representation, hire Salamone & Associates.

Exceeding your expectations in New York no-fault divorce

When New York State adopted no-fault divorce in October 2010, it meant that petitioning spouses no longer had to accuse respondent spouses of destructive behavior that wrecked the marriage. That was good news. However, other provisions of the law inadvertently created stumbling blocks requiring the services of an aggressive divorce attorney.

The attorney fee and interim support provisions require the spouse with the most money to pay the other spouse's attorney fees and temporary alimony until the divorce is final. In the best of circumstances, a no-fault divorce may settle in six months. But, the law can encourage the recipient spouse to drag out the process, burdening the paying spouse with hefty, unnecessary costs. Divorce attorneys at Salamone & Associates share our clients' sense of urgency and are prepared to achieve speedy settlements.

Newsworthy divorces, noteworthy legal advice:
Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has handled numerous, newsworthy Long Island divorce, custody and family law cases, representing celebrities and public figures. Our cases have been featured in New York newspapers and on television news channels, such as:

-NY Daily News
-New York Post
-Village Voice
-Channel 2 CBS news
-Channel 4 NBC news
-Channel 5 FOX news
-Channel 12 & 55 cable news

The firm's founder, Bryan L. Salamone, has commented on numerous Long Island divorce and custody matters in the media and is a recognized authority on divorce law.

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Child Custody

Attorneys successfully handle child custody in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens

Child custody is not a luxury item: it is the means by which you exercise your essential right to a meaningful and loving relationship with your child, and the means by which you provide for your child's health, safety and welfare. In short, it's a sacred trust. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we take child custody as seriously as you do, fighting aggressively to reach a result that truly reflects the best interests of your children.

Common child custody arrangements following Long Island divorce.

The following custody arrangements may be right for you. Custody can be described as follows:

Sole custody One parent is exclusively in charge of the health, education, and welfare of the children, with no obligation to consult with the other parent. However, if the custodial parent makes poor decisions, he or she risks losing custody.

Joint custody Parents share equally in all custodial responsibilities.

Shared custody with spheres of influence This joint custodial responsibility recognizes one parent's special reasons to be responsible for certain issues for example, one parent may have the final choice in the child's medical decisions, while the other makes educational decisions.

Residential custody to one parent, with joint legal custody to both One parent houses the child (the other is generally allowed visitation), but both share in decision-making. Examples of modifications include giving the residential parent the final say and having a neutral parent coordinator mediate decisions.

Seeking custody for the safety of the child:
Though some custody battles erupt when one parent exploits the children to hurt his or her ex, there are times when a parent truly believes the children are in danger while in the care of the other. Then there is no alternative to seeking custody for the safety of a child. Salamone & Associates has won custody in thousands of cases, and we can aggressively prosecute and defend custody matters, because we have the experience needed to do so. We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best possible result, together with the personal attention they require throughout this difficult time in their lives.

Our track record in sole custody cases:
The office of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has won thousands of tough and very difficult custody cases:

-We have prevailed against all odds on custody cases where the forensic psychiatrist and the law guardian both were against our client.

-We have won custody for people who did not fit the traditional model of a custodial parent.

-We have won custody for disabled parents with impaired abilities.

-We have won custody for men and women with allegedly sordid backgrounds.

-We have won custody for parents who needed to keep their children safe from the other parent who was abusive, neglectful or simply a bad parent.

More contested divorces than any other Suffolk, Nassau, or Queens law firm:
A review of the Unified Court Systems calendar confirms our claim that we handle more contested divorces than any other firm in our area. Our 11 attorneys are litigators; every day of the week, 52 weeks a year, we are on the job, in the court, trying cases.


Urgently fighting to protect our clients' rights

You may think that if you can just get through your divorce, you can start life fresh. But the agreements, orders, settlements and/or judgments made during your divorce will have a lasting effect on your life. It's imperative that you hire the right attorney an experienced, aggressive lawyer who is highly skilled in divorce and family law. With Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., you get an attorney who:

Is aggressive We don't hope for a smooth process; we arm ourselves for what we know will be a battle.

Shares your urgency We refuse to let the opposition drag out the proceedings.

Makes a personal investment We get to know you and identify with your goals.

Litigates skillfully Our attorneys "live in the trenches" and know what's required to win.

Offers authoritative advice Years of experience in tough divorce cases provides us with a valuable perspective.

Focused family law practice leads to consistent success:
Many attorneys are aggressive and hardworking, but lack the singular focus necessary to make them truly successful in the toughest divorce cases. At Salamone & Associates, our trial-tested attorneys only handle divorce and family law cases. When you hire our team of highly skilled trial lawyers, you know we have the specific knowledge of law and procedure necessary to protect your rights.

The firm handles all issues involving the marital home, business, bank accounts, children, custody, visitation, support and alimony in Suffolk County, Nassau, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Yonkers, the Bronx, Westchester and White Plains. We are well-versed in every issue that can arise in connection with a divorce, including:

-Mothers' rights
-Fathers' rights
-Child support
-Violence/orders of protection
-Child custody
-Child Protective Services
-Neglect proceedings
-Contempt of court
-Cruel and inhuman treatment
-Seizures of assets
-Secreting assets
-Fraudulent transfers
-Marital property
-Evaluation of business and pensions
-All financial issues

Divorce Mediation

Sometimes mediation settles a divorce in one day!

Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. is well-known for aggressive litigation tactics. But our firm also provides professional, even-handed mediation services to clients who seek divorce, separation, and prenuptial agreements. Mediation offers clients the opportunity to settle without going to court. It is cost-effective, faster than a trial and more flexible. Mediation, if done by an experienced attorney, is an excellent option if both parties are agreeable.

When we handle mediation, clients can expect us to:

-Give clients personal attention, materials, and information
-Help clients both the husband and the wife to reach a satisfactory agreement
-Draft the final mediated agreement based on the terms agreed upon by the clients
-Submit the mediated agreement to court for a final divorce or separation decree


Dedicated service across a full range of contentious issues

When a family issue arises that requires a legal remedy, your first instinct is probably that you want the matter handled delicately. At Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C., we listen patiently and treat our clients with the utmost sensitivity. But when you get into court and find yourself opposed by a no-holds-barred attorney representing your bitter spouse or an impersonal bureaucracy like Child Protective Services, your priorities change. At this point, your chief concern is winning. And you'll be happy you chose a law firm with the skill and tenacity needed to protect your rights. You can count on your Salamone & Associates attorney to:

-Be aggressive
-Act with a sense of urgency
-Make a personal commitment to your success
-Litigate your case skillfully
-Offer authoritative advice

Hire Long Island's largest firm of family law attorneys:
The experienced family law attorneys at Salamone & Associates do everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome in your child custody or support battle, domestic dispute or other family law matter. We have the knowledge to devise a winning strategy and the resources to implement that strategy effectively. Long Island's largest family law firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients in cases involving:

-Mothers' rights
-Fathers' rights
-Neglect proceedings
-Child support
-Violence/orders of protection
-Abduction of children
-Upward modification
-Downward modification
-Child Protective Services claims
-Department of Social Services complaints
-Enforcement of orders
-All financial issues
-All guardianship issues
-Grandparent visitation
-Health issues
-Emergency applications
-Secreting assets
-Seizure of assets
-Hearings and trials

Powerful representation offered at a reasonable rate:
At Salamone & Associates, we realize that a law firm with our rate of success could demand much higher fees. But we're committed to delivering exceptional legal service at a reasonable cost to you.

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates P.C.

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. has successfully represented thousands of clients in matrimonial and family law cases. He is a seasoned trial attorney who is well-known for his aggressive courtroom style. Mr. Salamone was voted best on Long Island.

Mr. Salamone is known to be a tough trial attorney whose trial tactics are different from anyone in his field. He has handled many celebrities and high-profile divorces and has prevailed in the toughest cases with aggressive representation in complex divorce and family law cases.

Mr. Salamone has taken countless cases to trial and has prevailed, against all odds, in tough custody cases and complex support and equitable distribution matters. He has handled trials before every matrimonial judge, magistrate, and Family Court hearing examiner in both Nassau and Suffolk counties in Family and Supreme Courts. Mr. Salamone has litigated divorce trials before judges and juries in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Richmond, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and many upstate counties. He has brought thousands of clients to victory and has earned his reputation and the respect of those in his field. Mr. Salamone's firm has many cases and attorneys and prides itself on using its legal muscle in divorce and family law cases in Suffolk, Nassau and Queens.

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. welcomes challenges and has obtained ground-breaking results in new areas of matrimonial litigation. He frequently appears in all Supreme and Family Courts in Manhattan, the surrounding boroughs, and throughout Long Island. Mr. Salamone is a fixture and is well respected in both Family and Supreme Courts. His aggressive style is unusual, and his cases have been published in legal treatises and have been featured on network television news and in major newspapers such as:

-Channel 2 (CBS) television news
-Channel 55
-Channel 4 (NBC) television news
-Channel 5 (Fox) television news
-Channel 12 cable newscast
-The Daily News
-The Voice publication
-The New York Daily News
-The New York Law Journal

Mr. Salamone is admitted to the following courts:

-New York State Appellate Division, Second Department United -States District Court in the Eastern and Southern Districts for the State of New York
-Supreme Court of the United States of America
-United States Court of Federal Claims
-United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
-United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces

Mr. Salamone is a trial attorney who has authored articles on international law and is a member of numerous business, professional, and bar associations. Mr. Salamone is an authority on divorce and family law and remains the principle litigator and founder of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. The firm is the largest divorce and family law firm on Long Island.

-J.D., Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, 1994
-Editor-In-Chief, Touro International Law Review, Touro Law Center, 1994
-Author, "Lack of an Operational Liability Scheme for Transfrontier Environmental Harm Resulting in Injuries to Persons," Touro International Law Review, Vol. 5, 1995
-B.S., Boston University, 1989

Awards & Accolades:
Best Lawyer on Long Island

Associations & Memberships:
Suffolk County Bar Association


Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Juris Doctorate, 1994