Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C.

Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C.

We are litigators who see the practice of law and the handling of litigation as dynamic.

Firm Overview

We conduct our practice with an entrepreneurial edge and are creative in how we structure a case and craft the appropriate fee.

We are results-oriented.
We have a strong track record in both federal and state courts and have had many notable victories. We also effectively pursue all forms of alternate dispute resolution when the circumstances warrant. Whatever the approach, we focus on effective and efficient dispute resolution; permitting the results we achieve to define the satisfaction of our clients and our compensation.

Main Office

Main Office
885 Third Ave., Ste. 3040
New York NY 10022




As a litigation firm we handle a wide variety of matters, dealing with every aspect of a dispute from discovery through trial and appeal.

Although frequently involved in trial practice, much of our work is consultative in nature. As such, we act in a more advisory capacity or pre-litigation mode where we are attempting to solve business disagreements and partnership disputes without commencing a formal action.

We use the law to help our clients.
We view the law as both the foundation of our society and also a tool to correct wrongs, discourage wrongs, and make a difference in people's lives. Add to this philosophy, our hundred plus years of combined experience and you see a group of dedicated attorneys who use their knowledge and experience to provide high quality lawyering.

We work out mutually rewarding fee arrangements.
We know that clients care about costs, and that we are able to work efficiently because of the collegial nature of our firm and the skills of each practitioner. Contingency fees and other alternative fee arrangements put us "in the foxhole with our clients."

Raymond Bragar

Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C.

Ray Bragar co-founded the firm in 1982. He practices general litigation as well as real estate and real estate litigation. Ray is a problem-solver, who enjoys the practice of law because of the intellectual challenge in cases where serious sums of money are at stake or where complex legal issues need to be untangled.

During his thirty years practicing in New York State and Federal Courts he has handled complex trials before juries and judges lasting from six to ten weeks and handled numerous appeals in both the State and Federal Courts. He also has extensive experience working in the nontraditional forums of alternate dispute resolution, including multiple week trials.


Harvard Law School
Juris Doctorate,