Brian James, C.E.L. and Associates

Brian James, C.E.L. and Associates

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Brian James

Brian James, C.E.L. and Associates

Brian James is the principal partner with C.E.L. &
Associates, Inc, a small private practice of Divorce Mediators and Therapists
dedicated to peaceful divorces. He is one of only a handful of Divorce
Mediators in the Chicagoland area who are neither an attorney nor a therapist.
His background and experience comes from working with Domestic Violence
families in the court system, helping them do what is best for their children,
and keeping them away from litigation. Brian's "unique" background
makes it easy for him to maintain his neutrality, for he has never taken sides
in a divorce case. In addition, his mediation skills are sought after in high
conflict divorces, especially when minor children are involved. In recent
years, he has been appointed as a Parenting Coordinator in a handful of cases
where mediation failed and/or an alternative to litigation was needed. Brian
takes pride in his ability to stay neutral and unbiased, no matter the