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Covering all of the State of Georgia and providing individualized representation for workers injured on the job.

Firm Overview

We believe that one-on-one communication between Attorney and Client produces the most beneficial resolution to any Workers Compensation Claim. You will not be pushed off on a secretary or paralegal. When you call in you will speak directly with your attorney.

This approach allows your workers compensation claim to be handled more effeciently and more effectively. In turn, this produces quicker results and a more favorable resolution of your claim.

Our years of experience in the courtroom and previous advisement of insurance companies gives us and our clients a leg up on the insurance company both before the claim begins and when it comes time to ultimately settle your case. We know what your case is worth and we know what the insurance company needs to pay.

Do not settle for less.
Main Office
Main Office
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Workers Compensation
We are a workers compensation boutique specializing in helping injured workers navigate the workers compensation system to aid and assist in securing proper medical treatment and lost income benefits they are entitled to under Georgia law.
Workers Compensation Specialists serving all of the State of Georgia.

The firm is conveniently located in Midtown Atlanta, just steps from Georgia Tech University. If you are unable to make it in to the office, the firm relies heavily on technology to speed up the communication process to ensure the case does not suffer due to unnecessary delay.

Our Attorneys are from the Metro-Atlanta area and are also able to meet at the client's home or a location close to home if transportation is an issue.

From Rome to Savannah to Valdosta, we are proud to cover the entire State and look forward to helping you and your Workers Compensation Case.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We know what the insurance company is going to do, because we used to work for them!

Prior to helping injured workers, our Attorneys worked for the Insurance Companies for nearly 10 years. We counseled claims adjusters on decisions concerning medical and income benefits of injured workers and how to save the most amount of money possible.

Now, we are pleased to represent you, the injured worker. Our experience working for insurance companies previously gives you the advantage and a leg up on the insurance company because your attorney will already know what they are going to say and how they will try to cut corners on your workers compensation claim.

This knowledge allows us to get the most value out of your claim, both while you are receiving weekly benefits and when it comes time to settle your case.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

See you in Court!

Our Attorneys have over a decade of courtroom experience. Some law firms shy away from court and the insurance company knows that. In turn, the insurance company can get away with offering that firm pennies on the dollar because they know that firm will not take them to court.

Not every case goes to court, in fact, most do not. But, with our experienced trial attorneys, the insurance company knows that if they do not address the case on reasonable terms that they may find themselves in court.

This means more favorable settlements to you, the client.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

You will speak with an attorney.

Unlike many firms, your case will be handled from start to finish by an attorney. A lot of attorneys will do the initial intake of a client and then you never hear from them again. Instead, you will hear from an assistant or paralegal with scarce updates on your case.

At Benzine Law Group, we feel that direct communication between a client and the attorney is the best, fastest, and most beneficial way to get things done. For that reason, you will speak with an attorney directly each and every time there is an update on your workers compensation case.

It is this one-to-one claim handling that ensures your case is done right and your workers compensation claim is resolved on the most beneficial terms possible.

Nicholas Benzine

Nicholas Benzine

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