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Maximizing Attention Maximizing Recovery
We like to hit the ground running - with our cases, and with our own career. Four decades ago, soon after we founded our Florida personal injury and accident law practice, Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche became the first attorneys in Palm Beach County to obtain a million-dollar verdict in a personal injury matter. That got our client the relief they deserved - and it got us on the map. In the years that followed, we've won numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, in matters including products liability, drug litigation, commercial litigation, medical malpractice, and other mass tort and personal injury matters. We've obtained some of the largest recoveries ever seen in Florida - and helped our clients out of difficult times.

Since that first memorable win, our reputation and our track record has grown, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to each client. Our partners handle every case themselves; they never farm out work to a less experienced lawyer. And they take on cases only after careful consideration and investigation. That lets us devote the resources each case needs - and each victory demands. Other lawyers are quick to settle, because that's the easiest way for them to move on. We'll go all the way to trial, if necessary. Because that's the only way our client can move on. And that's what makes us a different sort of law firm. Your best interests get our best efforts.

Most Distinguished Trial Attorneys
Since opening our doors in 1965, we have built our reputation one case and one client at a time. And after four decades, there's a lot to show: recoveries - and personal service - that have won us the respect of those who come to us for help; honors from peers in the Bar and judges on the bench, who have bestowed upon our firm the highest possible rating for legal ability and ethics.

Our founding partner, Theodore Babbitt, is a 25-year member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an invitation-only group limited to 100 top plaintiffs' lawyers in the United States. He has been named to the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, a group of just 500 of the world's preeminent trial lawyers, and is a member of The American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the field's most prestigious and selective associations. Mr. Babbitt is one of just a handful of lawyers who have been named to all three of these prominent organizations - and has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America every year since that publication's inception.

Our other three partners - Joe Johnson, Joe Osborne, and Stephan Le
Clainche - have also received numerous accolades from legal and professional organizations, as well as their peers. Each has a long record of taking on complicated cases - and obtaining significant recoveries. In all, three of our partners are Board Certified in Civil Trial Law - a qualification given to just 2 percent of lawyers in Florida.

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Main Office
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Personal Injury


Palm Beach County Car Accident Attorneys
Personal injury includes any physical, emotional, or mental injury due to another person's negligence or wrongful act. If you have been injured in an accident by the negligence of others, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida, for legal advice and compensation options.
Our personal injury and accident attorneys have been serving West Palm Beach area accident victims since 1965. We have extensive experience handling a broad range of complex injury and litigation matters and our attorneys will aggressively represent you in your personal injury case to bring you the justice you deserve.

Filing a personal injury claim is a complex process that requires a knowledgeable attorney who understands how the Florida legal system works and has a track record of success.
To successfully prove negligence in that state of Florida there are several requirements that must be met. First, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant had a duty to uphold to protect others from harm or unreasonable risk. Secondly, the defendant did not uphold that standard when it was their duty. Third, they must prove that the plaintiff was injured because the defendant did not uphold the standard. Lastly, there has to be proof that the plaintiff was indeed injured.
Our attorneys understand this and will work to accurately and successfully present these facts and take care of you every step of the way.

Whether you or a loved one, have been injured because of a car accident, workplace accident, defective medical products, or are a victim of medical malpractice, our lawyers are dedicated to making sure you receive the maximum compensation available. We understand that the financial implications of an injury do not necessarily end when the injury itself is covered. Your personal injury compensation should be an appropriate settlement to adequately cover the injury as well as the future financial impact the injury will have on all aspects of your life.
At Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A we handle personal injury cases that involve:

-Wrongful Death
-Premises Liability
-Product Liability
-Negligent Security
-Water Craft Accidents

Trina Payne

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

Ted Babbitt has won more than lawsuits over the past four decades. He's won accolades and esteem. Since 1973, Mr. Babbitt has been a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an invitation-only group limited to just 100 of the top plaintiffs' lawyers in the country. He's written more than 100 articles that have appeared in national and local publications, given lectures for other attorneys, chaired nearly a dozen professional committees, and been listed for more than 20 years -- in The Best Lawyers in America. All the while, he has successfully tackled some of the toughest personal injury cases in the state of Florida and obtained numerous high-profile, multimillion-dollar recoveries for his clients.

Most lawyers with credentials like these tend to oversee cases, letting junior lawyers do the legwork. That's not Mr. Babbitt's style. Because he is selective about the cases he accepts, Mr. Babbitt is able to give each client the attention and the resources they deserve. It's a formula that's enabled him to win cases against long odds and win the respect of his clients.
For Mr. Babbitt, no detail is too small, and no opponent is too big. While other lawyers can spend years getting to the heart of their case, Mr. Babbitt sees it from the very start: helping his client seek redress and accountability for the harm they've suffered. That's always the goal, and through the skill, preparation, and dedication that have made his name with his peers, Mr. Babbitt has made a better future for his clients.

Mr. Babbitt is a commercial pilot and flight instructor with ratings in single and multi-engine as well as glider. He has been flying since 1969 and has logged more than 4000 hours. His most recent plane was a twin engine jet prop seating 8. Mr. Babbitt is credited with being instrument rated with certification from Flight Safety and has flown volunteer flights as an "Angel" to allow sick people to get needed treatment. He is also signed up for "Pilots and Paws" to do the same thing for injured animals


University of Florida College of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Joseph R. Johnson

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

Over the past 25 years, Joe Johnson has been litigating some of the most complex cases in Florida and he's been taking on some of the most powerful opponents. But that's little surprise: The law, and courtroom savvy, is something the third-generation lawyer grew up with.

A Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Mr. Johnson has successfully handled a wide range of product liability, consumer protection, defective medical device, and commercial litigation, as well as medical malpractice and other personal injury cases. The cases may differ, but their theme is always the same: fighting to protect, and vindicate, his client's rights.

The South Florida native's philosophy is simple: his client's interests are his interests. That means every case is tackled with the same level of preparation, dedication, and skill that Mr. Johnson would demand in his own attorneys. And it means always being responsive to clients and their needs. Like his partners at Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche, he brings the service of a small firm but large-firm talent to every case he handles. It has earned him the respect of judges, juries, and peers. But more importantly, it has earned him the respect of his clients.


Florida State University College of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Joseph Anthony Osborne

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

With two decades of trial practice, and an Ivy League pedigree, Joe Osborne has the experience and education to match the best litigators in the state - both on a resume and, more importantly, in the courtroom.

But Mr. Osborne brings another key advantage to every case he takes on: As a former partner at a personal injury defense firm, he has a unique insight on how the other side thinks. It enables him to understand - and overwhelm - the best defense strategies and tactics.

A former adjunct professor of business law at Palm Beach Community College, Mr. Osborne also understands that being able to explain complicated legal principals in simple language - whether to students or a jury - is one of the most potent tools a lawyer can possess. And also one of the most rare.

A skilled trial lawyer, Mr. Osborne knows that cases are often won or lost before they ever go before a jury. To that end, he puts a heavy emphasis on the deposition stage, aggressively yet carefully deposing hostile witnesses to extract the answers and information that can resolve a case quickly and justly for his client.
The case may always be the focus, but the client will always be the priority. Empathetic to their difficult situations, Mr. Osborne knows that a lawyer who isn't responsive to his clients' needs or queries isn't doing the job. Exceptional legal knowledge combined with first-rate personal service isn't a goal - it's essential. And it's what Mr. Osborne brings to every case he takes, and every client he helps.


University of Florida College of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Stephan Alain Le Clainche

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

With more than two decades of experience in civil litigation, Stephan Le Clainche knows that skill in the courtroom is just part of the story. A topflight lawyer also knows how to counsel and comfort clients and anticipate the other side's every move. The best lawyers are advisers and advocates, compassionate yet aggressive. These are the traits Mr. Le Clainche brings to every case he handles.

A board-certified civil trial lawyer, Mr. Le Clainche focuses his practice in areas that include class actions, commercial litigation, pharmaceutical litigation, and other serious injury and negligence cases. The cases may be different, but the complexities, challenges, and consequences are always high, requiring attention to detail and dedication to a client's needs and concerns. With every case, Mr. Le Clainche is both veteran lawyer and seasoned investigator, investing the time necessary to unearth and analyze every potentially relevant facet of a case. But he is always a partner, too, making sure that clients are kept updated on the progress of a matter and that they are always part of the team.

Just as importantly, Mr. Le Clainche brings insight not just to the facts of the case, but to the strategies opponents may use. Prior to joining Babbitt, Johnson, Osborne & Le Clainche, Mr. Le Clainche was a partner at a prominent personal injury defense firm. That experience gives him an invaluable understanding of the defendant's case and tactics, and how his own clients can overcome them and prevail.

Mr. Le Clainche was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica.


University of Florida College of Law
Juris Doctorate,

Ami Rebecca Romanelli

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

Ami R. Romanelli joined Babbitt Johnson Osborne & LeClainche in 2010. Mrs. Romanelli has worked on a variety of cases, including securities litigation, arbitration, and securities regulatory matters, products liability, antitrust and medical malpractice litigation.

Mrs. Romanelli was born and raised in Oviedo, Florida. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, she earned her Juris Doctor degree from Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center in Fort Lauderdale.

While in law school, Mrs. Romanelli clerked for the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) n/k/a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the Regulatory Enforcement Division. She was also active in the Nova Southeastern International Citator and Research Guide publication.


Nova Southeastern University
Juris Doctorate,

Amanda Sundarsingh

Babbitt Johnson Osborne & Le Clainche, P.A.

Amanda Sundarsingh joined our firm in 2012. She concentrates her practice in the area of personal injury with an emphasis on children's rights and foster care related issues, national multi-district product liability litigation, medical malpractice, and business litigation. She handles litigation in several venues including the state, federal, and appellate courts.

Amanda's clients benefit from the wealth of courtroom and litigation experience she has derived from very challenging legal environments. She began her legal career with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, working as a law clerk and Attorney Ad Litem for abused and neglected children involved in the foster care and delinquency systems. Prior to joining the firm, she also served the State of Florida as a staff attorney for the Children's Legal Services Division of the Department of Children and Families, and as a Program Attorney, for the Statewide Office of the Guardian Ad Litem's Pilot Permanency Project in Broward County, Florida.

Ms. Sundarsingh was born in Trinidad & Tobago, and relocated to Florida as a child. Her zealous advocacy for her clients today is backed by a distinguished academic career. She attended Florida Atlantic University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in political science, magna cum laude, and thereafter, earning her Juris Doctorate at the University of Florida's Levin College of Law, also magna cum laude. During her law school career, she earned several awards for maintaining the highest grade in her classes including Legal Research and Writing, Legal Drafting, and Family Law Clinical Preparation, a law school clinical program where she provided legal services to indigent clients in the local community of Gainesville, Florida. She was also invited to join the University of Florida's Journal of Law and Public Policy, an invitation which she accepted.

Amanda continues to prove her commitment to her community both inside and outside of the courtroom as an active member of both professional and civic groups. She is a member of the Florida Bar Association and the Florida Association of Women Lawyers, and serves as Board Member of the Lake Worth High School Dollars for Scholars Foundation, an organization funding and promoting college education for underprivileged youth. A passionate defender of victim's rights and safety, Amanda also serves as a member of the Florida Association of Counsel for Children, an organization which advocates for the legal representation of children involved in child welfare proceedings in the State of Florida.

When she is not working, Amanda enjoys spending time with family and friends. She attends Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she serves as a Sunday school teacher, is a member of the Women's Book Club, and belongs to a Feeding Program serving the homeless in Rivera Beach, Florida. She loves to cook and bake cupcakes, and she is often fondly referred to as "The Cupcake Lady." "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." Amanda has dedicated her personal and professional life to doing just that.