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"2009 is my second year with the Nolo Lawyer Directory website, and I am delighted to be there. In my first year, my bankruptcy business more than tripled. Nearly every contact I got became a client. The contacts seem to be knowledgeable, perhaps having done their research before checking the Nolo site. The email contact also helped me screen out the serious flakes!

One of the great benefits of being on Nolo's list of attorneys is working with the Nolo personnel while setting up the website. They are quick to offer suggestions and obviously very experienced in knowing what sort of wording will appeal to prospects. I'd rely on their advice anytime.

I really should keep this as a secret because I'm probably encouraging competition to be a part of the Nolo community, but the site has done such a great job for me I think there's room for more. Besides, I have a great picture. :)"

- Julian Roberts, Attorney
Sunnyvale, CA (Bankruptcy)

"I am listed in just about every online lawyer directory, and Nolo has delivered more and better prospects, from a larger geographic area, than any other directory. I have also been very pleased with the position of my Nolo profile in organic search results (as high as #4 on the first page)."

- Cliff Hyra, Attorney
Reston, VA (Intellectual Property)

"I'm very pleased with the efforts that Nolo has taken to promote its online member attorneys. I was very surprised to have found my Nolo online profile included in the Legal Services & Lawyers section of the Cornell University Law School website. Wow! Way to get around!

As an attorney, I have been using Nolo products and recommending Nolo products to clients since 1983. I have always found Nolo to be at the forefront in providing quality legal information and guidance to the consuming public, and for that I should not be surprised at how well Nolo has done for its member attorneys. Thanks Nolo and staff!"

- Leon Jon Bonney, Attorney
San Francisco, CA (Bankruptcy)

"Having been impressed by Nolo's practical guides to empower the public to take charge of their legal rights, I decided to join Nolo's Lawyer Directory. So far I am very impressed by the savvy client referrals I have obtained and look forward to continuing my relationship with Nolo. The Directory is an excellent source of business for my client-centered practice."

- Alex Rozman, Attorney
Chicago, IL (Business)

"I was amazed by the results from listing with Nolo. The vast majority of contacts turned into paying cases. The service paid for itself from the first case."

- Darya S. Druch, Attorney
Oakland, CA (Bankruptcy)

"Nolo's Lawyer Directory is a cost-effective way of reaching potential clients. The increase in business that it's generated has been worthwhile."

- Howard Lidsky, Attorney
Gainesville, FL (Criminal Law)

"I wanted to thank your team for your professionalism and speed to action in getting my Nolo profile live. Your team's knowledge, skill and expertise were evident in all phases of implementation.

I have been very pleased with the positive internet exposure, and am in the process of engaging three clients due to my profile. I believe the lawyer service offers potential clients the opportunity to research and make informed decisions when evaluating attorneys for their legal matter."

- Guy Louie, Attorney
Pleasanton, CA (Criminal Law)