Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Representing Connecticut families in Matrimonial and Domestic Matters for more than 35 years.

Firm Overview

The collective knowledge, experience and skill sets of our team allow us to identify the right solutions for each. We routinely guide clients through complex and high-stakes divorce. Our highly capable lawyers know how to conduct discovery, uncover income and identify assets. The majority of our clients have challenging cases due to substantial income, family and business assets at risk or because alimony, child support and custody are being contested. While we always seek to settle cases, we are seasoned litigators with significant trial experience. When negotiation efforts reach an impasse and litigation is necessary, we advocate aggressively on behalf of our clients and never lose sight of their overall goals.

The firm's involvement in family law has included: written publications including treatises used by other practitioners and the courts themselves; speaking at and participating in local, national, and international legal seminars and educational events; and precedent-setting litigation in the courtroom. The Wendt v. Wendt case, litigated by the firm in 1997, essentially redefined how the legal community and the greater population across the nation view marital financial arrangements. Courts now look at the true complexities of family life, which for upscale families can include a detailed look at your finances, the efforts that both men and women contribute to the family constellation and child custody issues. The courts make inquiry into the true nature and value of parental roles, assets, and income.

Whether you believe a spouse is hiding assets or income, or you believe you have significantly contributed to the income and assets of the family or career of your spouse, or your family is involved in a custody or relocation case, you will need highly experienced and understanding counsel to assist you during this trying time.

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C., brings you the knowledge, focus, and legal skills needed to handle the complexities of high assets/income or parenting issues. Whether your case requires highly experienced trial attorneys or skilled settlement negotiators, or simply compassion and patience in difficult times.

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Arnold Rutkin

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Arnold Rutkin is one of the most accomplished and influential divorce lawyers in Connecticut who has made broad and valuable contributions to the legal community. Throughout his career, Arnold has used his great skills of practical judgment, strategy and creativity in representing clients in divorce cases involving complex financial, custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, alimony, and asset division disputes. At the inception of the Law Offices of Arnold H. Rutkin in 1982, Arnold began the task of building a law firm which would bear his name and would consist of a team of highly experienced lawyers and support staff committed to excellence in the practice of family law. Over the years, Arnold has guided his firm to be a truly selective boutique. He insists on handling fewer cases than most family law firms in the state, stressing client involvement and committing a dedicated legal team to each individual client. The team practice ensures that there is a focus on strategy and preparation for all contingencies.

To contact Mr. Rutkin call (203) 227-7301 today.

Sarah Stark Oldham

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Sally is consistently recognized as one of the top matrimonial attorneys in Connecticut in a variety of peer review surveys.

Sally represents clients in the negotiation and litigation of sophisticated, complex and high-asset family law matters. Her practice includes all areas of family law, including divorce, alimony, child support, and property division. She often analyzes complex financial holdings, closely held businesses, and compensation packages in order to achieve an equitable division of assets and income. Sally helps clients address the financial consequences of divorce while recognizing the psychological impact on those involved.

In addition, Sally has extensive experience resolving, and litigating when necessary, challenging and emotionally charged child custody and relocation disputes. Her seminal advocacy in the case of Ireland v. Ireland redefined the rights of parents and children in relocation disputes.

To contact Ms. Oldham call (203) 227-7301 today.

David W. Griffin

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

David represents clients in divorce, custody, relocation and income and asset distribution cases, including alimony and support issues arising from complicated compensation structures and high net worth families. He has represented some of the region's and nation's most wealthy individuals and has extensive experience with private equity, hedge fund and related holdings and regularly works with family office representatives throughout all stages of a case. He has negotiated to settlement, and litigated when necessary, complex financial and custody cases, including provisions for confidentiality, in various courts throughout Connecticut.

David also has significant experience in representing individuals in custody disputes and routinely works with mental health and substance abuse professionals. David also accepts appointments to protect the best interests of children by serving as a Guardian ad Litem in selective cases, having done so on numerous occasions over many years.

To contact Mr. Griffin call (203) 227-7301 today.

Dyan M. Kozaczka

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Dyan is known for her persistence, attention to detail and pragmatic approach to cases. She represents individuals in all areas of family law, including divorce, alimony, child support, property division, mediation and post-judgment modifications and contempt. Dyan has extensive experience working on highly complex and sophisticated cases. She often collaborates with forensic accountants to analyze interests in private equity funds, professional practices, and privately held business interests to determine values for equitable distribution.

In addition, Dyan has experience resolving difficult custody disputes. Dyan appreciates that every client and case is different and prepares a strategy to achieve each individual client's particular goals, while also considering the emotional impact of divorce.

Dyan has considerable experience in dealing with both the defense of, and attacks on, prenuptial agreements. In this sophisticated niche of the law, Dyan's ability to formulate strategies, work closely with experts, review financial disclosures, trace assets, assess claims of unconscionability and make cogent arguments as to the specifics of statutory considerations, all serve the interests of clients who have, or are considering entering into, prenuptial agreements.

To contact Mr. Kozacka call (203) 227-7301 today.

Karissa L. Parker

Rutkin, Oldham & Griffin, L.L.C.

Karissa practices in all areas of family law, including complex divorce actions involving significant assets and child custody issues. Karissa is actively engaged in many facets of client representation, including drafting and arguing motions and pleadings, preparing financial affidavits and discovery documents, and assisting with depositions and expert witness interviews. Karissa often works with business valuation experts to analyze closely held businesses.

To contact Ms. Parker call 203-22-7301 today.

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