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When you or someone you care about is charged with a felony or serious misdemeanor crime in Phoenix, the situation can be overwhelming. Things that are unfamiliar to you are probably happening and it will either seem to be going at a snails pace or so fast that you can't seem to keep up.

There is almost nothing in this world that can affect the lives of so many people in such devastating ways as being charged with a serious criminal offense. The uncertainty, doubt, fear and stress that simply not knowing what will happen next can be overwhelming.

At Your Arizona Criminal Lawyer, we understand what you are going through. Right now you may be thinking "My Life Is Over." We commit ourselves to not only mounting the best defense for you but to help you and your family understand the process and the possibilities. All of this serves to help you cope with the situation from a much more knowledgeable and less fearful position. Believe it or not, your life is NOT over!
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Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense In Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix and its surrounding counties have a reputation for being very tough on crime. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony here, it is important to find a law firm that knows the local system and can protect your rights and your freedom.

If you are accused of a crime, you have the right to an attorney who's going to represent you in the best way possible. In the United States and Arizona, there is no reason to ever go to court without an attorney. The court will appoint a public defender for you, but as many of our past clients can attest, "That's not your best option." Your Arizona Criminal Lawyer can help protect your rights and prepare a defense against the case that was filed against you that. Simply put, a public defender is simply not going to put the time and effort into your case as Your Arizona Criminal Lawyer will.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Hire us and feel the difference. At Your Arizona Lawyer, we devote ourselves entirely to to you. We provide an unparalleled legal experience. We will aggressively fight for you and provide you with a 5 star legal experience.

Legal issues rip through our lives in ways few things can

My own experiences before becoming a lawyer taught me that.

They also taught me something else when you're in pain you want your lawyer to listen completely first. You want your attorney to apply the best legal strategies to resolve your crisis in the most efficient and effective manner. You want someone who understands what you are going through and fights with the best knowledge and skill to help restore your life and peace of mind.

I understand what you are going through because my first priority is to listen. When your family and livelihood are at stake you want someone to listen first and then fight for you with the best legal representation possible. You want to know that they are knowledgeable, but more importantly you need to know if they can listen carefully to you and not try to dazzle you with legal jargon.
You want support after the dust has settled, you want to continue knowing what to expect and what to do.

You want nothing less than this type of service, I promise to deliver even more.

Michael Pittman

Are you facing criminal charges or criminal prosecution? Maybe your facing a list of multiple criminal charges. Take a deep breath, and realize you are not alone. I am here for you, to protect you and fight for you.

You have worked so hard to build the life you want and for it all to be possibly taken away because of one mistake.Here at Your Arizona lawyer you get 100% of our attention our time, most of all you are treated with respect and compassion. We realize that the charges you are facing may affect your job, your family, and are with you as you move forward into the future.

I became an attorney because I wanted to help everyone that I could. I understand that we all make mistakes, and unfortunately there is no time machine to go back and erase what we have done, all we can do is move forward. If you want to work with me you must ask your self three questions.

First, you must ask yourself this, are you a proactive or reactive person? Are you going to take action now or are you going to wait? If you take action now you can have the best chance at having a strong defense available or are you going to wait which in the long run hurts you by putting you in a worst defensive position?

Second, are you going to be honest and upfront with me about every aspect of your case? You must be upfront and honest with me at all times because I do not like surprises and the truth will come out eventually. The truth no matter if you think it hurts you or helps you, when a lawyer knows the whole truth then a solid defense can be created for you.

Third this is a collaborative effort. Are you willing to work with me and fight for what is yours? We must work together if we are going to be successful.

My goal is to help you, I cannot stress this enough. I won't treat you like large law firms that get your case and then pushes you through the system like a public defender would. NO, I am a full service law firm from the start of your case until the end of your case and beyond.

Please read the following carefully, if you are shopping around for an attorney and mostly everyone does because everyone wants the best deal. As an honest person looking out for your best interest please watch out for attorneys that will guarantee a result. I say this because it is unethical for attorneys to do that, but they all do . Secondly no one can predict the future not even if they are the best attorney in the world.

I believe that everyone has the right to a fair, honest and affordable criminal defense attorney. If you are in need of a honest hardworking attorney, call me and I will start working for you that same day.

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(602) 622-2776
  • Arizona Summit Law School
    Juris Doctor , 2014
  • University of Phoenix
    Bachelors in Business , 2008

Michael Pittman

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