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Affordable San Diego, Los Angeles, & Bay Area Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Attorney. Free Consultations, $0 Down Chapter 13 Filings and Loan Modifications, and affordable rates on civil litigation, Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy, and other legal matters

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Our focus is on bankruptcy, real estate and financial law, loan modification, and debt management. We also assist clients with civil litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, and probate matters. Our firm works one on one with clients in many different situations.

Our firm was established on January 1, 2010, and has grown quickly to have a widespread presence and several offices throughout California. We cater to our clients' needs and are available for after hours and weekend appointments. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, answering their questions, and working together to obtain results. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Free 40 minute consultation for new clients.

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We offer discounted rates on bankruptcy for Nolo clients. We offer loan modification and civil litigation services on contingency, with no money upfront.

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Generally hourly but situation specific. Mention Nolo for discounts.

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Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Weekends and After Hours Email Availability

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We offer free consultations in bankruptcy, real estate, loan modification, personal injury, and foreclosure. $0 down for most cases. Call to discuss your situation today.

With offices in San Diego and San Francisco, we serve clients throughout California. We offer big firm service at small firm prices. Bad things often happen to good people, and finances are no exception. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide personal and dedicated assistance on each of our cases. One of the roles of a bankruptcy lawyer is to give clients the hope of a fresh start, which we do nearly every day. Our experience allows us to act quickly on your matter if an emergency arises, and to stop the harassing calls, foreclosure, collections, lawsuits, and threats from overly aggressive creditors. Our firm is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal way to either discharge or reorganize debt, including lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures, and harassing phone calls from creditors. When a person's debts are discharged in bankruptcy, he or she is relieved from liability for most debts incurred before the bankruptcy was filed and protected from future collection of those debts. The purpose of bankruptcy is to give you a fresh start and the bankruptcy code is interpreted by the Courts to give effect to those words. What Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? A chapter 7, or liquidation, bankruptcy is a major type of bankruptcy proceeding. Individuals who file chapter 7 are able to free themselves of dischargeable debt quickly through a bankruptcy discharge. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the quickest way to get out of a difficult financial situation and get the weight of endless debt off your shoulders. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual to discharge, or erase, all unsecured debt. Unsecured debt includes credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, repossession costs, deficiencies from foreclosures, and some taxes. The entire process of chapter 7 bankruptcy usually takes only four months, and there is normally just one short hearing to attend, which we will attend with you. After the chapter 7 bankruptcy is closed, the individual's unsecured debts are erased forever. In 2005, The United States Congress enacted comprehensive reform of the bankruptcy laws through the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. (BAPCPA) This act created the "means test" which is an income-based analysis on whether an individual qualifies to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The means test can be extremely complicated but most of our clients are able to qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy if they want to file. Our firm will run a free no-obligation means test to evaluate whether you would qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? A chapter 13, or "reorganization", bankruptcy is the a type of bankruptcy often used by individuals to discharge their unsecured debt (similar to a chapter 7), while also reorganizing their debt through a chapter 13 plan. Individuals who file chapter 13 are able to keep all of their property by entering a repayment plan usually related to their disposable income. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is completed in either three or five years. A chapter 13 case offers many advantages for a filer often a chapter 13 bankruptcy can get rid of ("strip") second and third mortgage liens on property, "cram down" car loans or rental properties to the value of the car or house, and increase the chances for a bank to modify a loan. All remaining unsecured debt is erased forever at the conclusion of the chapter 13 plan. A chapter 13 discharge is somewhat broader than a chapter 7 discharge, because taxes, student loans, and other debts may be dealt with through the plan. We will evaluate your situation for free to determine how a chapter 13 case might help you and provide you an estimate of the plan payments in a chapter 13 case. What is a Personal Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? A personal chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization of debts that is typically used by individuals with debts too high to qualify for a chapter 13. Chapter 11 bankruptcy has many of the same benefits as a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, but there are often significant advantages to filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be an excellent way to save a home (or multiple properties) from foreclosure or to save a small business going through a difficult but temporary hardship. In chapter 11 bankruptcy, you can force banks to change your mortgage balances to the value of rental properties. We can discuss your individual circumstances and decide together which chapter of bankruptcy will be most beneficial in your situation. What's Involved in Filing for Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy with our office follows an efficient, streamlined process to ensure success. We collect certain documents in order to do a full evaluation of all options. We then immediately call you to discuss how to proceed, and prepare a bankruptcy petition with the appropriate information. After you review the petition and ensure the infor


Call our offices anytime for a free consultation on your options while facing foreclosure.

Facing foreclosure can be a scary and intimidating process anywhere, but this is especially true in California. The non-judicial foreclosure process often leaves homeowners at the mercy of the banks, many of which have made questionable foreclosure decisions in the past, and seem to be blind to helping homeowner's stay in their homes through a fair and consistent practice of modifying loans or assisting clients. Equally scary are the dishonest and unethical loan modification "companies" and lawyers who make promises they know they can't keep, breaking California laws on charging upfront money for foreclosure relief, and offering to compile securitization audits and file frivolous lawsuits that serve to make the situation worse and usually result in the loss of the home. Foreclosure law is a complex mix of real estate, finance, bankruptcy, tax, and landlord-tenant law, and the homeowner should understand all the information to make an informed decision. Various legal options while facing foreclosure include: loan modification, chapter 13 bankruptcy, loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, legal action against the bank (only under very specific circumstances), and various repayment options worked out with the bank. We guarantee to always be honest with you and not push inaccuracies about loan modifications or lawsuits against the bank, both of which are sometimes not options but are the trademark sales pitch of unethical firms in California without the homeowner's best interest at heart. Our promise is that you will be informed on your true options after our consultation, and be able to make a decision that best fits your goals. Contact us today to discuss your situation. We have helped hundreds of California homeowners stay in their homes and are always available to discuss your questions on foreclosure.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I chose bankruptcy as my primary area of practice because my finance background allowed me to understand the struggles of everyday people and their frustrations, and my experience in bankruptcy allowed me to help them transcend these struggles. There is no other area of law, that I have found, where a client can have the weight lifted from their shoulders overnight like in bankruptcy.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

People seeking legal advice should seek to find with a lawyer who they trust. A lawyer should always give the client all their possible options and then discuss with the client instead of telling the client what to do. There are often ways to handle a legal situation that are much easier and faster than initially thought.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am always willing to review any given situation and give a free consultation.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I think that clients should be hesitant generally to represent themselves, because you can lose valuable rights, but every situation is different and I can discuss the best options for a given situation in a free consultation.

Andrew Moher

Moher Law Group

Before opening the Law Offices of Andrew A. Moher, APC, I was a partner at the civil litigation firm Ramey Stairs APC. I have had experience working for Washington Mutual Bank as a Bank Fraud investigator, as well as the San Diego Public Defender's office and working with other attorneys in various capacities in three states.

My varied experience in the finance, litigation, and criminal fields allows me to see a situation from all angles and use my background to offer more options than someone with less experience. I have lived in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego, as well as Europe, and have met and become friends with people from all walks of life. This experience allows me to understand, empathize with, and ultimately help my clients.

My strengths are being able to understand a problem from a client's perspective, discuss the problem with the client, earn a mutual respect with the client, and solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Personal interests:

Outside of my practice I enjoy travelling, music, sports, and spending time with friends and family.


Bar Number: 257605
California, 2008


Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Juris Doctor, 2005

University of Michigan
B.A., Psychology, 0

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