Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

The attorneys of Anderson Legal Group bring a wealth of experience and knowledge when representing you.

Firm Overview

We provide prompt, aggressive legal advice for clients with Divorce, Family Law and/or Criminal Law matters. We routinely practice in the Tarrant, Dallas and Denton County areas. We are centrally located on the Grapevine / Colleyville border (directly south of the Colleyville Heritage High School of the Grapevine / Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD)).

The majority of the family law cases that our attorneys handle deal with divorce, child custody, modifications, complex property division (including division of professional athlete compensation packages, pensions, retirement benefits, family businesses, corporate stock options), child support, premarital agreements, tracing, visitation, and/or adoptions. While criminal cases include: DWI/DWLS, assaults, theft, weapon offenses, drug cases and federal crimes.

Our law firm's attorneys each provide their own specific specialty. As such, we can help you by offering the correct attorney for the level or type of litigation that you require. At your direction, an attorney can work exclusively on a matter, or as a team. Regardless of your choice, our law firm is fully staffed with other support professionals that are personable and helpful. Our ability to provide flexible cost representation allows you to stay "on budget" and to rapidly achieve your goals. Specifically, we have a Senior Attorney (that is Board Certified in Family Law) and two Associate Attorneys that are ready to assist you.

When you are ready to have active legal representation that works to achieve your results, and reduce your stress, please contact us at (817) 424-3405. We look forward to working for you.

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We handle all aspects of divorce litigation in Denton, Dallas and Tarrant Counties of Texas.

Family law matters are extremely stressful. However, with our extensive knowledge and great working relationships with the family law courts we can provide the assistance you need. Lead Attorney, Andrew J. Anderson, is Board Certified in Family Law, the highest accolade awarded by the State Bar of Texas. This honor is earned by less than one percent of practicing attorneys, so you know that you are working with the best.

Criminal Defense

We handle both State and Federal charges filed in the Tarrant, Dallas and Denton Counties of Texas.

Anderson Legal Group represents clients charged with crimes in both Texas State and Federal Courts. These cases are generally resolved with either a dismissal, plea bargain or a final trial.

With each client, Mr. Anderson works aggressively to have the criminal charge dismissed. If the case moves forward, and if the client desires to enter a plea bargain, Mr. Anderson will ardently seek the best possible plea bargain agreement. Alternatively, if the plea bargain offers from the prosecution are not accepted, or if the client is not guilty of the charged offense, a trial may be necessary. Anderson Legal Group will work to present the case to the Court and/or Jury to achieve the best possible results.


We handle all aspects of Family Law litigation in Denton, Dallas and Tarrant Counties of Texas.

Family law matters are extremely stressful. However, with our extensive knowledge and great working relationships with the family law courts we can provide the assistance you need. Lead Attorney, Andrew J. Anderson, is Board Certified in Family Law, the highest accolade awarded by the State Bar of Texas. This honor is earned by less than one percent of practicing attorneys, so you know that you are working with the best.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

By design, the Anderson Legal Group is a smaller, but full-service law firm, that limits its practice to criminal and family law proceedings in the Tarrant, Dallas, Collin and Denton County areas of Texas. Anderson Legal Group focuses their attention on each detail of your case, under the exclusive supervision of Andrew J. Anderson, Attorney at Law.

Anderson Legal Group has represented federal criminal defendants charged with serious crimes, and we have obtained excellent results in family law matters (such as divorce) for professional athletes and prominent business owners with assets of several million dollars. Prospective clients seek representation from Anderson Legal Group due to their expertise in handling these types of complex matters.

However, even if you have not been charged with a federal offense, or if your divorce does not involve a large estate, Anderson Legal Group will provide the same exceptional level of service to you. When you retain Anderson Legal Group, our professionals' attention to detail, combined with our experience, will give you superior legal representation. We encourage you to contact us so that we might discuss your legal matter.

Andrew Anderson

Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

After practicing at well-respected Dallas law firms, Colleyville / Grapevine Divorce Attorney, Andrew J. Anderson decided to form Anderson Legal Group, P.C. The focus of the new firm was to assist clients in family law related matters (such as divorce, custody, adoptions, premarital agreements, wills and child support issues) and/or criminal defense matters. These particular cases are extremely stressful for the client and often plague clients until they are resolved. Mr. Anderson explains all options available to the clients, which empowers them to make good decisions during these difficult times.

Mr. Anderson supplemented his legal education with an extensive hearing and trial practice. Specifically, he has tried numerous cases before the Judges of Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, and Collin County Courts. Further, Mr. Anderson often writes and presents seminars to teach other attorneys through the Texas Bar Association's Continuing Legal Education programs. Mr. Anderson is Board Certified in Family Law which is the highest award for specialized competence issued by the State Bar of Texas. He has also been recognized as a Super Lawyer every year since 2011.

Mr. Anderson represents clients by listening to their goals, and then creating a specifically tailored plan for achieving their objectives as quickly as possible. He firmly believes that clients must be thoroughly informed. When an attorney offers all possible options, along with the potential outcomes, it allows the client to make informed decisions about their family and life. Due to Mr. Anderson's extensive courtroom experience, clients are confident that if their case cannot be resolved before trial, that Mr. Anderson will work to receive all possible relief from the Judge or Jury.

The majority of Mr. Anderson's caseload involves complex divorce matters with substantial assets. Typically, these cases deal with businesses, Family Limited Partnerships, Professional Sports Contracts, or complex benefits for officers of large corporations. Mr. Anderson structures the property transactions to obtain the best possible results for his clients. Often these complex divorce matters also have emotionally charged custody litigation. Mr. Anderson is able to objectively craft a plan to obtain as much time with the children as the client desires.

Mr. Anderson also represents clients in criminal matters. While typically these cases stem from divorce and family law litigation, this is not always the case. Specifically, Mr. Anderson deals with Federal and State authorities dealing with charges involving: drug possession, pornography, abduction, alcohol, sex assault, assault with bodily injuries and weapons charges.

Mr. Anderson is respected by Texas attorneys and Judges. To evidence this, Mr. Anderson has received the highest peer review rating as established by Martindale-Hubble (for both ethics and legal competence). Further, Mr. Anderson is a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas which is a prestigious group of lawyers that pride themselves in exceeding the minimum requirements for continuing legal education.

Contact our office so that Mr. Anderson can discuss your specific legal questions.

Paul G. Daly

Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

Paul G. Daly has a strong desire to help people resolve their legal issues. Since joining Anderson Legal Group, P.C., in August of 2012, Mr. Daly has resolved a variety of family law (including adoptions, divorces, custody disputes, and child support modifications) and criminal law cases for his clients.

A key tenet to Mr. Daly's representation is his listening to his clients concerns and stressors. He then strives to resolve those concerns as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Mr. Daly strives to maintain excellent communication with his clients so that they know they are not just a case number. This is done by ensuring that his clients understand all of their options so that they can make informed decisions.

In addition to his Law Degree, Mr. Daly also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology, or the study of the physical, cultural and societal developments of people. As such, Mr. Daly has a deep understanding of a wide range of cultural backgrounds and ideologies. This allows Mr. Daly to be without prejudice or bias in the presentation and development of options for clients. Mr. Daly is also committed to enhancing and continuing his legal education. This is evidenced by his acceptance into an honor society of attorneys (College of the State Bar of Texas) which is dedicated to continued legal education and the use of only the highest ethical standards.

Mr. Daly cares deeply for children's issues. He is a staunch advocate to their positive and healthy developmenteven during a crisis such as divorce. To illustrate his commitment, Mr. Daly has been a "big brother" in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentoring Program to one child for over 8 years. Mr. Daly brings this same level of commitment and passion to his practice when representing the interests of client's children. Simply put, he does not give up on children.

Professionally, Mr. Daly has an excellent working relationship with many of the family law attorneys in the DFW Metroplex. Because of these relationships he is often able to convince opposing attorneys of his client's position such that the matter can be resolved without going to trial. This saves the client the emotional toll that comes with testifying and a prolonged case. However, when agreements are not an option, Mr. Daly uses the ferocity and persistence of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai training to present the facts to the Court for ruling. This allows the client's story to be told to the Court and renders the ability for justice to prevail.

In addition to family law, Mr. Daly has also represented clients in a variety of criminal matters, including drug charges, DWI defense, expunctions, and orders of non-disclosure. Mr. Daly understands that a criminal charge is one of the most stressful experiences that clients will face. He works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients and has successfully removed several arrests from his clients' permanent records through the expunction process. This allows clients to move on with their life and to secure employment or attend college.

Mr. Daly truly enjoys his work at Anderson Legal Group, P.C., and looks forward to speaking with you about your potential family law or criminal matter.

Carrie K. Tapia

Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

Carrie K. Tapia joined the legal profession with a desire to assist those needing a voice in the legal system. Ms. Tapia also holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas and uses her skills from this background to assist her clients in navigating the legal system. Ms. Tapia listens as her clients describe the issues they are facing and she then collaborates with them to ensure their objectives are met.

Ms. Tapia is empathetic to her clients' struggles and recognizes that any involvement with the legal system, whether a family law matter or criminal law matter, disrupts a person's entire life as well as the lives of loved ones. Likewise, Ms. Tapia recognizes that a change to one aspect of a client's life effects changes in the rest of their life. Therefore, Ms. Tapia implements a problem-solving approach and works closely with her clients to alleviate the stress and confusion often caused by ongoing litigation.

Ms. Tapia strives to meet the needs of her clients by ensuring each client understands all of legal options. After a thorough review of the issue and potential legal remedies, Ms. Tapia's clients are empowered to make the best decisions for their future. Ms. Tapia then supports clients throughout the process, offering options, explanations, and support until an end result is achieved.

Ms. Tapia represents clients in a variety of family law matters, including divorce and property division, custody disputes, child support modifications, and adoptions. Ms. Tapia previously worked as a conservatorship caseworker for Child Protective Services (CPS) and utilizes this experience to guide clients as they navigate through involvement with CPS.

Please contact our office so that Ms. Tapia can answer your specific legal questions.