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How Does a Personal Injury Claims Process Work?

By only using words, an insurance company will not pay for your claim. more

What is the Amount of Evidence Needed to File a Claim?

Simply put, the more the merrier. Evidence for a Claims Process more

Parked Semi-Truck Car Wrecks

There is a popular myth that if you rear-ended another car, then the wreck will be your fault. more

Texas Personal Injury Claims Involving Drunk Driving

People who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol are making a greatly terrible and irresponsible decision. more

Top Car Wreck Questions Answered

When some is involved in a car wreck, they may probably have several questions regarding their legal rights, getting their vehicle repaired, and dealing with the at-fault party’s more

Liability Denied Because the At-Fault Driver Is Not Listed on the Insurance Policy

Being a personal injury attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I have managed a number of various truck, motorcycle, and car wrecks. more

How to File a Claim on the Other Driver’s Insurance in Texas

Which Insurance Should I Pursue after a Car Accident?   more

Fair and Just Compensation in a Drunk Driving Wreck

As many personal injury attorneys in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex know, being involved an injured victim of a drunk driving accident that was caused by the negligent actions of more

Should I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you know someone that is close to you that has been seriously hurt in a car accident to the point that they require medical treatment, they may be entitled to receive compensat more

Different Types of Compensation in Texas for Personal Injury Victims

In Texas, there are eight different types of compensation that can be obtained under civil law. more

Unfair Treatment from Insurance Companies

As many of us know, insurance companies use many slogans and quotes that promise their clients that if an accident occurs, the insurance company will be responsible for taking car more

North Texas Dog Bites: What You Need to Know

Personal injuries that are the result of a dog bite can leave behind visibly painful injuries, not to mention a massive amount of emotional pain. more

Why You Should Make a Claim Against the At-Fault Driver in a Car Accident

As the victim of a car wreck, you can make a claim against the insurance company of the driver that was responsible for causing the accident. more

Gas and Pipeline Companies Must Be Safe and Responsible

Gas and pipeline explosions can cause great amounts of damage and bodily injuries, and in the majority of cases the explosions have not been able to be prevented by the affected victims. more

Know Your Rights in a Texas Gas Pipeline Explosion

Pipeline explosions are many times associated as unexpected disasters that can create large amounts of destruction in a community by launching waste around entire cities, creative more

Injuries from Fallen Objects in Stores, Trucks, and Construction Zones

Being a personal injury attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, there have been many cases where clients have been hurt by large objects that fell on them in stores. more

Hit by a Garbage Truck? Here’s What to Do

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to millions of people. more

Making Insurance Claims Against Multiple Drivers

When people think of car accidents, they think of one driver crashing their car against another driver. more

Reporting Unsafe Driving from Truck Drivers

As is true for any type of driver, truck drivers have the duty to conduct their commercial motor vehicles in a way that ensures public safety. more

Property Damage Caused by Hail

There’s a common saying that if someone does not like the typical weather in Texas, all they have to do is wait five minutes for it to change. more

Rights of a Personal Injury Victim in a Bus or Truck Wreck

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians are not as common as other accidents, but when they occur it is very important for the injured pedestrian to know their Texas rights. more

What Happens When the Other Driver is Lying?

You have recently been in a car wreck and the at-fault driver is not stating that it was not their fault. more

Car Seats and the Law in Texas

Car Seats Help Save Lives more

Filing an Injury Claim Against a Motorcyclist’s Insurance

At times, motorcyclists (popularly referred as “bikers”) can be injured in a road accident that was caused by a different biker, and often the biker that hit them could be a frien more

Was the Truck Driver Who Hit You Sleeping? Here’s How to Find Out

Truckers usually drive thousands of miles to transport material. more

Where to Hire an Attorney If Hurt While Traveling

Initial Steps to Take Following an Out-of-State Car Wreck more

Should I Sign a Medical Release Form in Texas?

To begin, let’s get a definition of what a medical authorization/release means. more

Insurance Claim Rejected Because At-Fault Driver Was Not Listed on the Insurance Policy

Being a personal injury lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth has allowed me to manage a large quantity of car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks. more

Malfunctioning Car Seats and Texas Law

In Texas, the law requires for every child who are eight years-old or under must sit in a car seat, with the exception if the child’s height exceeds four feet and nine inches. more

Why Does My Doctor Refuse to See Me Following a Wreck?

After being injured in a car accident, you would naturally expect for your personal care physician (PCP) to help you. more

Health Insurance Company Denied Wrongful Death Claim

I know that insurance companies can be difficult to deal with; if a member of your family held health insurance, than why can’t it be used? more

How to Prove a Driver Was Drunk in a Personal Injury Case

In the event that an automobile accident involves a drunk driver being at-fault, the attorneys who are in charge of handling the case are required to demonstrate beyond any doubt more

Having Trouble with the Insurance Company? Here's Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

You have just been in a car accident. I’m terribly sorry. Car wrecks are not fun at all. more

What is the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

We have received this questions many times and indeed, it is an important one. more

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