Alexander Smith-Johnson ESQ

Alexander  Smith-Johnson ESQ

My name is Attorney Alexander Smith-Johnson. As a member of the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, I am eager to represent you in any criminal matters you may have in the state of Florida. You will find me to be prompt, personable, and professional.

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WELCOME HOME! With me, you will be treated as family and I welcome you to our home. Our firm is supremely dedicated to providing the best representation to our clients. We aim to be prompt and move with all urgency in getting our clients the best possible resolutions. We are aggressive in our advocacy for our client's interest and will not rest until our client's issues have been completely resolved in a manner most satisfactory to the client. At this time, we are only handling criminal cases within the state of Florida. Cases such as Battery, DUI, Possession of Narcotics, Child Neglect, and Juvenile crimes are but a few of the types of cases we have experience resolving. Please feel free to contact at any time of day or night and we look forward to working for you very soon.

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Criminal Defense

Currently handling criminal cases in the State of Florida. Misdemeanor, Felony, Juvenile, Traffic cases just to name a few. Also, I will be handling Expungement and Sealing matters and child support hearings as well. Feel free to call RIGHT NOW!

Call (407) 717-8557 NOW AND LETS GET TO WORK.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

WELCOME HOME!! As an attorney, I greet all my clients and potential clients with a welcome home greeting. The reason is because with me you are treated as family and made to feel as comfortable as home. With over 8 years total experience in criminal law, I know very well that being arrested or charged with a crime can be very scary and quite traumatic. I assure you that I will be in your corner every step of the way guiding you and will be a trusted resource for you and your family during the course of your criminal matter. I pride myself on being personable, prompt and professional at all times. This is important to me because I fully understand that my appearance and presentation are a direct reflection of my effectiveness in the Justice System. I aim to be sharp, smart, and sincere in my approach to resolving your case, and I will persist until we reach a favorable resolution. My strengths include great public and phone communication, prompt response time, 24 hours a day availability just to name a few. My approach to all clients is to be calm and approachable. We often meet at the most tragic of times and I am aware of that. I maintain a level of composure with all my clients as to ease any worries that may arise from the stress of the situation. Often times, people retain attorneys and may find that once money has been furnished, results are slow to come and answers are far and scarcely delivered. That is the exact opposite of what you can expect with me. I insist that we talk often so that you are always aware of the very latest concerning your case. I want you to feel like you have me at your every call no matter the time of day. It is only through constant communication that trust is built and it is up to me to earn that trust from every client. Many attorneys have a pitch and can tell you anything, end of it all, I would be honored to represent you and back up every word stated in this message.

Alexander Smith-Johnson

Alexander  Smith-Johnson ESQ

Born and raised in New York City. 2013 graduate from Florida A&M College of Law. Eight years experience working in criminal law within the state of Florida. More than forty plus jury trials, extensive motion writing experience, and masterful communication skills. Experience in Vop plea negotiations and hearings, Juvenile detention hearings and cases, Felony and Misdemeanor cases as well. Practicing criminal law is all I do and all I want to do. Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes at least 10,000 hours to master any craft and I will meet that mark. I believe in hard work and dedication and that mindset is a daily faith I depend my ethic upon.


Bar Number: 110638
Florida, 2014

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