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Take Control. Abdilla & Associates will give you and your family the confidence and peace of mind through your difficult times. We have helped hundreds of families just like yours. No matter your legal needs, our aim is to allow you to take back control of your life, your finances and your happiness. Our experienced trial attorneys fight for your rights in order to ensure we deliver the most capable legal representation in Northern Illinois to anyone we have the opportunity to help. Contact us to see what we could do for you.

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I'll do anything at a fixed fee so long as the rules allow me to do it. Once I've had the consultation, I'll figure out a number and propose it.

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$150 for non-litigation, $250 for litigation

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Child Custody

The Best Interests of the Child

In every custodial dispute, the attorney has the responsibility of protecting the relationship of the parent with his or her child. We currently handle the litigation responsibilities and ongoing enforcement responsibilities of drafting and maintaining joint parenting plans in Illinois. We know the difficulty in resolving communications issues within a family, even when those communications concern the most important people to a family, the children. The attorneys here know the difficulty for any parent to allow an attorney, the Court, or even another family member to say a word about how to raise and care for the child. It is our mission and goal in these cases to protect the cherished relationship between parent and child in a way that creates the opportunities for your children to grow into the fine adults we wish them to be.


Moving Your Family Forward

When a family reaches the irreconcilable point where the spouses know they must be better off separate than together, a personalized legal strategy and a zealous advocate will help you move your family forward. We can efficiently get the clean break from your former spouse that considers all of the efforts that you have put into the relationship. Classically, marriage is an investment. Every spouse wishes to see both a financial and emotional return on the relationship. Our attorneys can provide the service of representation as you seek to move on from the conflict and into the next prosperous period of your life.


Take Back Control - Fight Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure Since we began our practice, mortgage foreclosure has been a key area of our legal representation. Having helped hundreds of clients in mediation, the Circuit Courts and the Appellate Courts of Illinois, we are absolutely capable of helping your family persevere through these trying times. We offer our clients several services in connection with the defense of a mortgage foreclosure suit. Please note that not all services may apply for all clients. Pre-trial mediation programs In Cook, Will, Lake and Kane Counties, free mediation is provided by Court-sponsored programs. For our clients, we will represent their interests at the mediation session and attempt to resolve the foreclosure dispute before a judgment of foreclosure and sale can be entered. In this program, we help and guide you through the process of working with the bank to pursue a loan modification, short sale or consent foreclosure. If none of these can be achieved, we are typically willing to continue representation at trial. Trial litigation Illinois is a judicial foreclosure state. Every homeowner in Illinois has the right to a foreclosure trial in the county where the home resides. We diligently represent our clients in an adversarial proceeding against the Bank to help you preserve your rights and achieve your goals. Appellate litigation Mortgage foreclosure is one of the most rapidly evolving and changing areas of the law in Illinois. Since the beginning of the housing crisis, every few months the Appellate Courts have reshaped and redefined the process of trial litigation for hundreds of homeowners in Illinois. We have litigated and prevailed at the Appellate Court level in Illinois. If you feel that an error was made on your case at the local level, we can help you determine if you have a meritorious appeal and argue the law to the reviewing court on your behalf.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We do two main areas of practice, family and foreclosure. These two areas have nearly nothing in common from the standpoint of practicing law, but the decision was motivated by my entrepreneurial spirit. My goal is to provide the highest quality representation to ordinary people. I want every one of our clients to feel confident in the legal profession, happy they hired me and respectful of the results. We are ambitious and confident that we can offer solutions to foreclosure representation and family representation that no one else can, while keeping them grounded in reality. In short, our firm is in these practice areas because we are seeking to out-compete the "standard" way of handling them.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

As it is my name on the door of Abdilla & Associates, my experiences with finance, young people and education guide me through my practice. If you typed my name into google and hit enter, the first result you will find is that I graduated high school when I was 15 (only just - April birthday). I was out of college at 19 and finished law school at 23 (and a week). I've always been quick, and professionally I am a ruthless innovator. My resume is below. I have an undergraduate degree in a mathematics related field, holding a Philosophy Degree with a Logic concentration from the University of Michigan. This is a fancy way of stating that my personal background involves a lot of "checking the steps to get to the results." While I am undoubtedly results-oriented, I drill myself to check every step along the way for consistency and accuracy. In law school, I received the tax certificate from Loyola University Chicago. I completed tax classes from basic Federal Income Tax litigation to Advanced Corporate and Partnership merger taxation. As such, my firm is strongly capable of analyzing finances and finding value both in reality and on paper for our clients. We are not afraid of numbers and never will be. Young people and education have always been important to me. Through high school and undergrad, I tutored fifth and sixth graders in my home town for math education with the hopes that I could teach girls self-confidence in numbers and assist them to explore some of the more difficult fields. While studying for the bar exam, I maintained a job teaching young inmates the G.E.D. exam and educating them to rehabilitate them to enter back into society. While law takes up an inordinate amount of my time now, in 2015 I was quite active with Turn the Corner (NFP) as a donor and attended some of their events that attempted to teach children social skills and confidence through comedy. I understand finances and I understand young people. To many of the people reading my Nolo profile, I am undoubtedly still a young person. But, I will stand by my accomplishments and maintain few others live their passions for improving their communities the way I will. That will always be my strength in my advocacy.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

My Foreclosure Practice With foreclosure, I realized that the tactics in my area were not to fight back against the Bank, but to attempt to collaborate an agreement where the homeowner is still paying on a loan modification or a short sale that doesn't meet that person's goals. I decided to try something new and create a more goal oriented and all-encompassing approach to the typical foreclosure defense practice. We start in mediation, asking for only mediation packages that meet our clients' needs. We do not advocate unacceptable loss mitigation packages, and we handle all of the applications for loan modifications, short sales, deeds-in-lieu and consent foreclosures in house. This gives us the control to argue the finances to find the best results. We then take the case to the circuit court at the county level. We treat each of these cases the way a Chicago law firm would treat a million dollar personal injury case, with a rigid adherence to deadlines and procedure and full explorations of process to make the bank prove its case. Our philosophy is to use this leverage to foster a more acceptable settlement to a foreclosure or to give the homeowner control of the process in a way that empowers his or her future planning. From there, we give every client an honest consult for appellate representation or refer for a consultation on further financial planning given the likely outcomes of the case. The end result is a foreclosure process with checks and balances that upholds the rights of the homeowner and empowers rational, thoughtful decisions. Our Family Practice As a small firm of only a few attorneys, the family practice is personal, above all things. We forge close ties with our clients, allowing their goals and wishes to guide every step of the attorney-client relationship. For our divorce practice, as our materials available on this website and our site at will demonstrate, we are all about real world solutions for real world people. Our ideal client is a pragmatic person who understands that the purpose of the lawyer in a dissolution proceeding is to advocate for the best financial and family solutions rather than for the feeling of winning. We believe we would be the ideal law firm for family law representation for someone who is looking to finalize a divorce that pays fairly to both sides while keeping attorney conflict to a minimum. For child custody, our greatest asset is empathy. We empathize with the difficulties in adjusting family life, and allowing any person from attorney to judge in directing the responsibilities of our clients as parents. Our goals are to create plans individual to every child we meet that can adapt to allow those children to mature into fine young people. With a small practice like ours, we take responsibility for the results of our work and would take pride in seeing our role improving the lives of both parents and children. Our advantage in child custody is the personal relationship we can form with our clients while still being advocates.

Justin Abdilla

Abdilla & Associates

Justin Abdilla

Abdilla & Associates

My full biography is in "firm philosophy" on this site.

If you're curious about who you would hire as an attorney, you can see my full resume at and also engage my client review page on Avvo at .

My education includes:
Loyola University Chicago - School of Law (J.D.) - 2012
University of Michigan (B.A.) - 2008

This page is for the firm of Abdilla & Associates, for which I am the principal attorney.


Bar Number: 6308444
Illinois, 2012


Loyola University Chicago - School of Law
Juris Doctor, 2012

University of Michigan
Bachelor of Arts, 2008

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