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U.S. | Tue Jun 21, 2016 | 4:50pm EDT

By Gina Cherelus | NEW YORK

Eighteen immigrant car wash employees in New York and New Jersey received more than $91,000 each as part of a federal court settlement for unpaid wages, making it the biggest per-worker recovery in the car wash industry, lawyers said on Tuesday.

The agreement awarded the final part of a $1.65 million settlement to 18 workers who were earning less than $20,000 a year at four car washes owned by J.V. Car Wash Ltd., said one of the lawyers who brought the suit in 2011.

STEVEN ARENSON of the employment litigation firm Arenson Dittmar & Karban said each worker on average will receive over $91,000, with the highest being close to $200,000 for two people who were employed the longest. With $750,000 already paid last year, the remaining $900,000 was disbursed on Tuesday.

Lawyers for the defendant declined to comment.

"For all immigrants, all workers, who toil under hardship, this case stands as a resounding message that the American law does protect the worker," Arenson told a news conference.

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