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The Advocates

Established in 1992, The Advocates are personal injury and accident attorneys serving Utah with the mission of protecting individual rights for people who have been injured or involved in an accident.

Billings, MT

Our goal at The Advocates is to protect our clients' rights, ensure they are adequately compensated, and facilitate and aid in their recovery. From car accidents to defective drug lawsuits, our firm has the experience you need.

Silvester & Conroy

Salt Lake City, UT

Nuttall, Brown & Coutts - Personal Injury Lawyers

We have successfully resolved thousands of personal injury cases over the last 30 years. Call us right away to discuss your personal injury case for free.

Midvale , UT

Nuttall, Brown & Coutts Personal Injury Lawyers Call us now to discuss your case for free.

Gross Law Firm

Salt Lake City, UT

Fabian VanCott

Salt Lake City, UT

Dewsnup, King & Olsen

Salt Lake City, UT

Larson Law

South Jordan, UT

Cockayne Law

West Jordan, UT

Swenson & Shelley

St. George, UT

Harris Lawyers PC

St. George , UT

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