Maine Personal Injury Law Firms & Lawyers

Nichols & Churchill, P.A.

Nichols, Webb & Loranger, established in July of 1999, defends citizens accused in Maine of engaging in criminal activities and OUI offenses. We believe, as did the authors of the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Maine.

Address: 1250 Forest Avenue, Suite 10, Portland, ME 04103
Phone: (207) 879-4000

Hallett Zerillo & Whipple P.A.

Address: 75 Market Street, Penthouse Suite 502, Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 775-4255

Mann Law, LLC

Address: P.O. Box 420, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Phone: (207) 709-0900

Hardy, Wolf & Downing, P.A.

<strong>As Maine's personal injury lawyers, we understand the delicate and highly-emotional nature of this area of litigation, and work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible result.<strong></strong></strong>

Address: 186 Lisbon St, Lewiston, ME 04240
Phone: (207) 523-3499

L'Hommedieu Law Office, PA

L'Hommedieu Law Office has over 17 years experience specializing in Bankruptcy, Personal Injury and Disability law.

Address: 190 Bates Street, Lewiston, ME 04210
Phone: 207-786-5244

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