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Canan Law


St. Augustine, FL

Things happen. Sometimes things don't work out as we planned. Sometimes accidents occur. Sometimes people make mistakes. And sometimes life leads you in a direction where you need an attorney. We're here to help. Canan Law is a St. Augustine-based firm of attorneys who care about you and your future.

Chiumento Law, PLLC

Your legal team for life. We are a full-service law firm.

Ormond Beach, FL

Whether you need legal counsel in a personal matter, such as bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, estate planning, personal injury including car, motorcycle and trucking accidents, or for your business or corporation, you can rely on the dedicated legal advocates with Chiumento Dwyer Hertel Grant & Kistemaker, P.L.

Kaufman & Lynd, PLLC

While our firm focuses on Personal Injury, we have years of experience providing legal services to individuals and companies in many areas of law. We provide these other services because of the comfort level and confidence our clients have in us.

Orlando, FL

Craig Lynd and I have been partners for almost two decades. While representing and being responsible for over fifty thousand cases, we have learned many important lessons.

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