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Law Office of Michael D. Eisenberg

I specialize in Patents & Trademarks

Encinitas, CA

I serve individuals who want to protect their inventions, by guiding them through the patent and trademark process in the most economically efficient manner possible.

Howard Russell Attorney At Law

HPR-LAW is an IP law firm that helps our clients turn their R&D, ideas and dreams into real and marketable products.

Silverton, OR

HPR-LAW is an IP and business law firm that helps a wide variety of clients, from individual startups to large corporations.

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Inspired Idea Solutions Law Firm

We are an Intellectual Property Law Firm. We help growing companies protect inspired ideas by obtaining patent and trademark protection for inventions, innovations, trademarks, and brands.

Scottsdale, AZ

Are you worried that your inventions are not properly protected and that your competitors will take your ideas once you start selling your products? Are you concerned that your brand name is not secure and that competitors might be using your name to sell their products or services? Inspired Idea Solutions

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Greenberg & Lieberman

Washington, DC

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