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Bracamontes & Vlasak, P.C.

Employment Law, Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Personal Injury, Landlord Tenant (tenant only), Police Brutality & Civil Rights Violations

San Francisco , CA

BV Law was founded to provide victims of civil injustice with diligent and effective representation. We are accustomed to opposing insurance companies, large employers and corporations, landlords and property owners, and government entities. We have consistently achieved favorable outcomes for clients through our unique approach to the law.

Aziz Yellin

Trial attorneys specializing in Landlord-Tenant Law and General Litigation throughout Northern California.

San Jose, CA

Landlord & Tenant Law: Have you made requests for repairs that have been ignored by your Landlord? Have you been threatened with an eviction? Displaced from your residence? California law protects both landlords and tenants and you may be entitled to recovery. Litigation & Trial Law: The attorneys at Aziz

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