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Creative Vision Legal

Affordable, Reliable Legal Services for Small Business Owners and Creatives

San Francisco, CA

Creative Vision Legal is a law firm offering online legal services tailored to artists, musicians, and small business owners looking for affordable yet reliable service and advice related to intellectual property rights or starting a business.

Fergus, A Law Office

San Francisco, CA

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GlobalWide IP

Globalwide IP is a client-centered Intellectual Property boutique law firm with its headquarters in Los Angeles. We serve entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, and innovators both domestic and foreign with; Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & more

Hopkinton, NH

We offer our services at flat rates, you will know the cost to handle your matter once the investigation is performed, or if it is a fixed-price service before you commit to joining the Globalwide IP family. We work on most matters related to Intellectual Property.

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