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Froman Law Firm

Immigration & Business Attorneys

San Diego, CA

Founded in 2003, Froman Law Firm focuses primarily on business and immigration law. We strive to understand the business or immigration needs of our clients and to collaborate with them to develop tailored strategies.

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Nanya Thompson Law, Inc

Immigration law firm established in 2014 by attorney Nanya Y.M. Thompson, who has specialized in immigration matters since 2007. We help immigrants in our community and throughout the world.

San Diego, CA

We have many years of experience practicing immigration law and take a tailored approach to each client's case. This means we spend the necessary time in the beginning to understand your case and to explain your rights and options. Remember, immigration law is complex and constantly changing.

Law Office of Malathi Benjamin

The Law Office of Malathi Benjamin is a top rated immigration firm located in Pasadena, CA and serves the Greater Los Angeles Area and beyond. We have been successfully advocating for our client's immigration needs for over 15 years.

Pasadena, CA

The Law Office of Malathi Benjamin is located in Pasadena, CA and represents clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and across the globe. Our clients are based throughout the United States and abroad. An immigrant herself, Malathi Benjamin provides personal and hands on service to her clients.

Albert Vanslyke

San Diego , CA

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