Clark County Estate Planning Lawyers

Marsh, Higgins, Beaty & Hatch, P.C.

The Vancouver lawyers of Marsh, Higgins, Beaty & Hatch, P.C. are dedicated legal professionals who have been serving the Vancouver, Washington, area since 1980.

Vancouver, WA

We have experience representing clients in a wide range of legal matters and provide a personal touch to each individual client's case. At the Vancouver general practice law firm of Marsh, Higgins, Beaty & Hatch, P.C.

McKell Graff, PLLC

Welcome to the law and conciliation firm of McKELL GRAFF, PLLC. We are committed to providing competent and professional legal, mediation, and collaborative assistance to individuals, couples and partners, and seniors.

Vancouver, WA

FIRM HISTORY: The firm was started by Ms. Graff in March, 2003. Mr. Graff joined in March, 2011. Combined, the Graffs have over 20 years experience as attorneys assisting clients solve their legal problems, at the trial and appellate court levels.

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