Hartford County Dui And Dwi Lawyers

Hardy Law Group, LLC.

The law firm of Hardy Law Group focuses on commitment, integrity, and passion to the service of our clients.

Stratford, CT

The law firm of Hardy Law Group, LLC., provides clients across the State of Connecticut with skilled counsel and litigation support in a wide variety of legal matters. Our mission is to bring value to our clients in pursuit of a favorable outcome through aggressive advocacy.

Carlson & Dumeer, LLC

Hartford Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney

Middletown, CT

When you come to the law office of Carlson & Dumeer, you can receive the help you need from a Hartford attorney. The team here offers services in personal injury and criminal defense, and they are equipped to stand beside you and support you now.

Attorney John F. O'Brien

Attorney John F. O'Brien

Manchester, CT

At the law office of Attorney John F. O'Brien we are passionate about fighting for your defense. We have dedicated our careers towards ensuring that our clients are well represented and their rights are upheld.

Brian J. Murphy

Manchester, CT

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