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Rebecca S. Colaw, P.C.

Located in Suffolk, Virginia, we stand by to serve all your legal needs in the Hampton Roads area.

Suffolk, VA

We practice multiple areas of the law in all Hampton Roads courts. The attorneys at Rebecca S. Colaw P.C. bring skills and experience to solving the legal needs of our diverse client base.

J. Barbour Rixey

Mr. Rixey & his able staff dedicate themselves to obtaining the best possible result for each & every client. Mr. Rixey knows how to cut to the heart of a controversy, analyze the details, devise creative solutions and implement a solution.

Virginia Beach, VA

Clients who face emotional proceedings, whether it involves a divorce, custody of children, child support or spousal support issues, criminal or abuse issues, or some other family law matter want an attorney who will make a personal investment in their success. Mr.

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Anson Law

The dissolution of a marriage involves crucial decisions about the welfare of your children and the equitable division of your assets. Anson Law P.L.L.C. considers all aspects of your divorce to reach the best possible solutions.

Washington, DC

Specializing in: Alimony / spousal support Child custody Child visitation Child support Paternity determination Protective orders Separation agreements Sale of a marital home Distribution of personal property, bank accounts, assets Division of marital debt Temporary support, child, and/or spousal support

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