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For over 16 years, my law firm has been helping the people of Texas through the practice of law. We are acclaimed business, probate, wills, estates, and trusts attorneys who have dedicated our careers to passionately and successfully protecting our clients.

Law Office of R. Alan Mason, PC

For more than 20 years attorney R. Alan Mason has fought to help his clients get what they deserve, whether in divorce court, negotiating child support or deciding the terms of child custody.

Austin, TX

R. Alan Mason confidently guides you through divorce, child custody and child support. Without the skillful and insightful representation of an experienced lawyer, you may lose important rights and benefits due to you.

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Joseph Cocchiaro, Attorney at Law

Experienced Attorney and Former Prosecutor with over 12 years of Experience. Skilled in Criminal Defense, Trial Practice, DWI, Assault-Family Violence, and Possession. Joseph handles all misdemeanor and felony cases filed in Texas Courts.

Austin, TX

Joseph S. Joseph began his career in 2009 working as an Assistant District Attorney, serving as trial counsel for a variety of cases including DWI, Assault, Theft, Possession, Evading/Resisting Arrest, and Aggravated Assault.

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