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Leigh Daniel

Huntsville, AL

Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law

Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law is a family law and divorce law firm in Huntsville, Alabama, that focuses on making change positive.

Huntsville, AL

Leigh Daniel has been practicing family law since 1994. In that time, she has helped hundreds of clients through some of their hardest times, fighting for what is fair for them and helping them focus on the positive as they head into the next chapter of their life. Leigh Daniel

Law Office of Mitchell J. Howie

The Law Office of Mitchell J. Howie is a full-service firm providing expert counsel and services in a wide range of legal areas.

Huntsville , AL

In 2015 Huntsville Attorney Mitchell J. Howie was selected as a member of the National Top One Percent of attorneys by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. One of the best family lawyers in Huntsville, Mitchell J.

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